Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pirates No More...

Grand Prairie Blue Jays it is....
Logan has his first coach-pitch game this weekend. He is playing with 7 and 8 year olds and he doesn't turn 6 until November...should be interesting. His team should be pretty good though. Poor Coach John will most likely have to do a lot of yelling when Watts is up to bat. Don't know I will have plenty of pics to post!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Accepting Adversity...Staying Strong

Wednesday, August 26
The Oak and the Reeds
It is good for me that I have been afflicted, that I may learn Your statutes.Psalm 119:71
Recommended ReadingJob 1
A very large oak tree was uprooted by the wind and thrown across a stream. It fell among some reeds, which it thus addressed: "I wonder how you, who are so light and weak, are not entirely crushed by these strong winds." They replied, "You fight and contend with the wind, and consequently you are destroyed; while we on the contrary bend before the least breath of air, and therefore remain unbroken, and escape." *
An unbearable storm arose in Job's life and his response was "Shall we indeed accept good from God, and… not accept adversity?" His wife told him to curse God and die (Job 2:9-10). She believed nothing good could come from their trials, but Job chose to believe that the goodness of God was greater than the intensity of the storm. And it was.
When we experience storms, we can either respond as the oak tree, fighting and contending and begging God to remove it from our life, or we can bend and sway as the reeds, allowing God to carry us through the wind, unbroken and ultimately stronger in the end.
When you face the perils of weariness, carelessness, and confusion, don't ask for an easier life. Pray instead to be a stronger man or woman of God.
Luis Palau

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well we are back in a routine and that routine is BUSY! To be quite honest, I function better when I am busy. If I am sitting still I feel like I should be doing something....and yes, that can get frustrating. We had Logan's matriculation service (a girl from work sent me the pic above). Then school started and of course I have been in volleyball season since the day after I returned from vacation!

This past weekend I had a volleyball tournament and on Sunday I took the girls to get their haircut while Gene and Logan stayed back to barbeque. They love to get their hair straightened!

This is Logan's buddy, Mason. He is also a gym rat. :) His mom is one of my assisitant coaches so he is used to the gym being his second home.

I absolutely love when my former athletes come visit me! Distiny and Lauren played for me a couple of years ago. I miss them!!

And last but not least....the people that have been keeping me super busy, MY TEAM!! We are having a great year and these girlies are a lot of fun. So if I don't post very much, it is because I am busy...busy...busy! :) Hope everyone has a great year!
Many Blessings,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School!!

My 3 Saints ready to start the new school year!

Logan AKA the Kindergartner.....All Saints' will never be the same! :)

My beautiful 4th grader, Kansas. Next year she will be taller than all the teachers!

Sweet Trinity...ready to take the second grade by storm!

The kids had a great first day of school. It is hard to believe they are all finally at All Saints' together. Life will be a lot less hectic...woohoo! Better go...need to get the children off to bed!
Good Night!

In Memory of My Grandma Frenchie

The above letter is from the school where Gene and I both work and our children attend school. I love working there and it is definitely our second home. It is a special place and we are blessed to be a part of the All Saints' Family.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saints Class of 2022 Matriculation

Logan is officially a student at All Saints'!!!!

Tonight, All Saints' had their first Matriculation service for the Kindergarten Class of 2022. They have never done this before so Logan is a part of school history. This is usually done in college to officially welcome new students into the particular university. It was a beautiful service and there was a nice reception that followed. All the kiddos got to sign the Matriculation book which will be kept by the school forever.

My big boy getting ready to go.....can't believe he is in Kindergarten!!!
(they had to wear their dress uniform to the service)

Yesterday we got to meet the teacher.....MRS. YATER!! Kansas and Trinity each had her and they loved her. She is also one of my friends and Gene and I feel very blessed to have her teaching yet another one of our children.

Logan found his desk and looks pretty excited!

Since school starts tomorrow, I had to pack lunches. Here is my big boys lunch....I totally cried when I put his note in his lunch box. My kids are growing up and becoming more beautiful inside and out with each day. I love watching them grow but it just feels like it is going so fast. This is the main reason why I blog. I want to look back and remember all the fun memories of their childhood. Here's to a great school year!!
Many Blessings,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the Road Again....

Well the Watts Family went on yet another trip this weekend. This has probably been the busiest summer we have ever had. Many memories were created that is for sure! As I mentioned in my last post, Gene and I are celebrating 11 years of marriage. My little sister is about to begin her journey as a married woman. She had a wedding shower in San Antonio so we made the trip and had fun celebrating our anniversary along with the beginning of a new marriage with family on the riverwalk.
My sister, Millicent and her family met us on Friday night and celebrated our 11 years with us. Here we are enjoying our desert. By the way....that was not my idea to cross the arms! :)
The wedding shower wasn't until Saturday evening so we had breakfast on the riverwalk and then headed to the zoo. Doesn't Trinity make a beautiful butterfly!

And here is the rest of the bunch....there were real animals at the zoo, I promise! :)

After a hot day at the zoo, we all got cleaned up and headed to the shower. It was so nice because our hotel was right on the riverwalk so we were able to walk. We had a lot of fun hanging with the Street Family....aka my sister, Millicent, BIL, Stephen and my nephew, lil. Stephen.

The Watts Family....yes, that is Logan being a total boy.

The Happy Couple, Megan and Wesley! How cute are they!!! I am so excited for them. It's hard to believe my little sister is getting married....heck it's hard to believe she is old enough to drive!! She has grown up to be a beautiful, young woman and I am very proud of her. I did take a "normal" picture of them but I thought this one was soooo cute. You can tell their personalities are perfect for one another.

Grandpa Rombeau and his glad Logan could remember how to smile for this picture!

Me, our Dad and Millicent, Megan, Mill and Julie....we were missing our big sister, Jessica but we will get a good pic at the wedding of all of us. It was so good to see my sisters. I haven't seen Megan and Julie in forever!

Funny story....Kansas and I switched shoes at the reception.....can you believe my 10 year old and I can share shoes! That is crazy.
We are finally home after a long drive. Gene got changed and went straight into his office to start cleaning out stuff and organizing. (No, that last sentence was not one big typo!!! :)) I can't be the only organized one if we are planning on getting this house on the market...ha ha!! We had a great time in San Antonio and we are looking forward to the wedding in October. Summer is officially over for the kids as well. They meet their teachers tomorrow and then school begins on Wednesday. Summer 2009 was a great one!! I hope everyone has a great school year!
Many Blessings,

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Galveston 8-14-98
When there's age around my eyes
And gray in your hair
And it only takes a touch
To recall the love we shared
I won't take for granted
You'll know my love is true
Cause each night in your arms
I'll whisper to you
I'll give you my heart
Faithful and true
And all the love it can hold
That's all I can do
Cause I've thought about
How long I'll love you
And it's only fair that you know
Forever's as far as I'll go

San Diego 2009
It's hard to believe it was 11 years ago that Gene and I became Husband and Wife in Galveston. Just like that beautiful island, Gene and I have gone through our own storms in our marriage. Even though they were tough to deal with, they have definitely made us stronger. I have a card that has been on my fridge since the day we returned home after getting married. It is from a friend and his wife. The reason I have kept it on my fridge is because what our friends wrote on the inside. It says "May the Lord Jesus bless you! May he reveal himself to you. May he give you both wisdom and grace day by day to strengthen your marriage. May he fill you with peace and joy." It reminds me of the reason we have strength and that is because we both love the Lord and put Him first. Marriage is not easy and I am sure we will encounter some more bumps along the way but we are blessed to have an awesome God that we can turn to for help. He has blessed me with a wonderful man who takes such good care of me....even when I'm moody! He makes me laugh....even after 11 long years of marriage... :) He is the most loving and devoted father to our 3 beautiful children. At the end of the day whether it was a good day or bad day, I know my husband is there for me and loves me unconditionally. I am so very thankful for him. He may still not know where the laundry basket is or clean up after he barbeques but I guess I can let that stuff slide because he loves me...with my type-a personality and all!! Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband. I love you!!

Forever Yours,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

World's Largest Honkeytonk

Me and the Hubby at Billy Bobs

Gene and Mark Cox (I'm surprised Mark isn't holding up the hook'em horn sign) :)

Me and my bud, Rosie

Me and my girlies...Michelle, Lynn and Sandee

This week marked my 6th in-service at All Saints'. I have co-chaired the in-service committee with my friend Lynn for the past 3 years. We get to plan what we do, where we go, what we eat...all that good stuff. For the past couple of years, we have gone somewhere and stayed overnight. This year, we decided (and the economy helped us with our decision) that we would stay what better place then Billy Bob's Texas...the World's largest honkeytonk! We had team building there in the morning and then we came back last night for dinner. For the team building, they split everyone into groups and they did toilet lid horseshoes, cowboy trivia, stick-horse races and scavenger hunt. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone again and we are fired up for a new school year!

I think he needs to stick to playing basketball....

Sunday, August 9, 2009


There is nothing like good neighbors! We have lived across the street from the Riis Family for 11 years. The kids love hanging out together and Angie is one of my dearest and closest friends. She is always there for me if I need anything. Her house is my house and vice versa. Rick, her hubby always helps Gene and I fix stuff around the house. That is very helpful! We haven't seen much of each other this lately. She is from Puerto Rico and spent a lot of time there this summer and she is also a nurse and they work crazy hours! :) Last night we got together at Joe Pool Lake to go swimming and just hang out. The lake is just a mile from our house and this is the first time we have gone all summer! They have a beach area for swimming and a cool playground for the kids. We had a lot of fun.

Kansas is pushing the kids on the HUGE see-saw. Later, we all got on and Rick and Gene pushed us....we were all over the place!

Trinity & Kansas swimming and watching the boats go by. Logan missed our little trip cause he was hanging with his buddy Devin.

The girls enjoying the water.
As the summer comes to a close, I must say I am ready for a regular routine but I will miss just hanging out. I hope everyone has a great 2009-2010 school year!
Many Blessings,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Belle Dame

Me and My Grandma Frenchie.... Summer 2008

June 2009

Kate's Wedding....July 2004

June 2003

My Grandma Frenchie went to be with the Lord today. It was expected yet it is still sad to say farewell to a loved one. We know that one day we will be reunited with her and that gives us peace. She was an only child but yet was the mother of 12. Three of her boys were taken straight to Heaven at birth but are rejoicing with their beautiful Mom right this very moment.

Grandma was fiesty and spunky and didn't hesitate to tell you what was on her mind. Her French accent as strong as the morning coffee. I am so very thankful for her for she has blessed me with a wonderful Mom, loving Aunties not to mention my sweet Uncle Stevie. She will be missed but we will see her again. Rest in Peace Bella Dame. We love you!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Life's A Beach

I think the kids were a LITTLE excited that we took them to the beach today!

Kansas spent the entire time in the cousins Brigette and Sierra taught her how to boogie board. I used to do that every summer when I would visit my Grandma in La Jolla.

My sweet Trinity enjoying the California surf....

Don't ask...I'm sure he was trying to get something sarcastic out of his mouth before the picture was taken! :)

Kansas headed out to find the perfect wave....

My sweety gathering water for the "sand hotel" that was built for the kiddos...

Uncle Chris starting the "sand hotel" with Logan and Kansas

Did I call him a sweety....I meant my meany....he was trying to get me wet

The splash war continues....I know I know...I'm totally losing

Kansas started the "get mommy wet game" we are when we first arrived. I hadn't even got my cover up off and Kansas had already road her first wave!
Today we headed to La Jolla Shores to enjoy some family time at the beach. The weather was perfect and the water was actually comfortable. We had a great time building memories. More fun planned for tomorrow! Stay tuned!!
Many Blessings,