Monday, March 19, 2012

Im BACK.....

It has been so long since I have updated my blog I almost forgot how to create a new post! We have been busy as usual but things are good. Our episode has come out for Sports Dads and it was fun to watch. Hopefully you will eventually get to watch it on .
And we are The Watts Family :)
Kansas making a lay-up....she's so fast she's blurry. :)
We enjoyed getting to meet Deion Sanders. He is a very down to earth guy. After watching the episode it seems like the kids have grown so much!!
Another exciting thing that has happened is Gene and I had date night! :) Yes, it doesn't happen very often. We went to the Backdoor Comedy Club and then stayed out in Dallas. Of course the next morning we were up early so we could get to the kids sporting events.
Isn't that the sweetest thing ;)
I am also excited to announce that since it is baseball season again, the Amanda's are back together!! haha
Logan is doing much better pitching since his first debut (THANK GOODNESS). I am proud of him for working at it on his own. He really loves it and we love watching him....and I love hanging with my girlie Amanda. :)
Logan looks so small compared to the other team's catcher. :) Love my Booga Bear or Radio as his coaches call him.
Logan hanging with his daddy after a victory.
The Amanda's in their Sox gear. Yes, I am wearing St. Patty's socks and I caught a lot of flack about my attire but we won both games that day so they are my LUCKY SOX now. :)
Kansas, Trinity and I are still involved with TAV volleyball. I will try to get some pictures of them this weekend and post so I don't leave them out. :) Thanks for stopping by.