Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pool Party Pool Party Pool Party

School has only been out a day and we have already gone to 4 pool parties!!! I'm wiped out already and summer just started! haha Trinity and Logan had their pool parties the day school got out and Kansas had hers on Friday. Her friend Ben hosted and he has a great pool with an awesome view. DJ Lenny was there to spin some tunes and the kids had a blast.

Conga Anyone???

Or maybe the Hoe-Down is more your thing.....

One thing is for sure....this group can PARTY!!! :) It's hard to believe they are going to be in the 5th grade. They are a great group of kiddos and it is so neat to watch them grow each year.

Kansas and her buddies....these girls are so sweet and I just hope puberty doesn't mess them up too bad! Haha Nah...I think the teen years won't be too bad with this group. I'll say a few prayers just in case. :)
Later that evening, I got to attend yet another pool party....for Logan and his baseball team. The Blue Jays are CITY CHAMPS BABY!!! I'm so proud of all those little guys.

This party was held at Quick Trip Park, home of the Grand Prairie Air Hogs minor league team. Logan was trying to get as close as he could to the players and the game.

It's a really nice park and we got to watch the game from the...

SWIMMING POOL at center field. I'm sure the Air Hogs outfielder loved that we hit our beach ball over the fence like 3 times. At least they came away with the win....beating the Fort Worth Cats 3-1!! Unfortunately, the Blue Jays must have had too much fun last night because this morning they didn't show up to play the Braves in the tourney. We came back from and 0-8 deficit but could not pull off the victory and lost 10-11. They did beat the Cedar Hill Rangers to redeem themselves though. Hopefully they will be ready to go in the morning for round 2!! Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summa Summa Summatime...

The kids are officially on summer vacation. By the way, I do know how to spell summertime but I was trying to get the Will Smith effect in my title. Y'all remember that song, right? Sure hope you say yes! :) I did have a friend at work say she had never heard it but she IS from Utah...haha!
Logan and Trinity had their end-of-year pool party at the same time of course so Gene and I split up and got them where they needed to be. Unfortunately I don't have pics of Trinity's party but she had a great time and that's what counts!

Logan's friend, Blakely hosted the Kindergarten party and the kids had a blast!! There were bounce houses, a tree house, basketball court and of course a pool to play in! Definitely no way anyone could get bored at this party! Above Logan is showing off his cannonball skills.

Hanging with the boys....

Chillin with the girls....I'm pretty sure he just plopped down with his pizza without an invitation. Such a guy thing to do!!

Skyler and Logan racing down the slide.....

Going down the other slide....can you say faceplant!!

It was 95 degrees outside and there was a refreshing pool to swim in but my son spent most of his time on the basketball court!

Kansas got to come along and she enjoyed the 5000 square foot tree house..haha. It was so big and connected to 3 or 4 trees. I didn't see her for the entire 2 hours we were there!

This little guy is officially a 1st grader!!! I don't know where the school year went but I am ready for the summer....I think. :) Kansas will be going to her pool party tomorrow and we have the baseball party for Logan's team in the evening. I guess I wouldn't know what to do if I wasn't busy!! I hope everyone has a great summer!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Are you ready for some FIELD DAY???

We finished off the week with a little Field Day!!! The kids always have a lot of fun...which makes me happy since I'm in charge of it!! haha Logan is working through the obstacle course...GO LOGAN!

Kansas is running the "Olympic Torch Relay" torches did look like they had flames coming out of them at one time...but when you use a paper towel roll as your torch, there is bound to be issues. :)

Trinity is working the "Olympic Ring Relay" do you see a theme going here.... The kids had to hold hands and pass the "Olympic Rings" down their entire class line.

In between stations, Logan was able to give Mom and Pops some lovin...and of course he filled us in on how he did at each event!

The station below was supposed to be "Bobsledding". We originally had planned for one student to push the other one but we thought we would do without the injuries. :) All those moms look like Paparazzi!!
Trinity did so well as did the other two. She won the hurdles and beat a couple boys in the 50 yard dash! You go GIRL!!

Below Logan is running the 50 yard looks like the girl to his right is trying to beat him or just sticking her tongue out at him! Haha

This is Kansas' 5th field day and Logan's first. Hard to believe... School was dismissed at noon so we headed out to see the new Shrek movie. Kansas had a few friends with her and they all came over and spent the night. It was a kind of belated birthday party. They had a great time and enjoyed hanging out together.

Lauris, here with Kansas was one of the girls that came over after field day. They have been best buds since Kindergarten! What a cute pic huh!

After the movies I took them to Justice to do a little shopping. They had fun getting webkinz and things. We then headed to our house to play and then off to Joe Pool Lake to feed the fish. They ended the night with pizza and a rented movie. Slumber parties don't get much better than that!! One more week of school and then it's SUMMER TIME!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Kansas!!


Each year you just keep getting more beautiful!! Daddy and I are so proud of you and we love you very much.
You are our sweet, animal loving, cowgirl and it is hard to believe you are 11 years old!

You are getting to be so tall and are now able to share shoes with me. :) I thought that would be a good thing until I noticed all my running shoes disappear! :)
This is your favorite place to the farm

You are very sensitive just like me. :) I love our talks at bedtime. You always tell me what's on your mind and we talk about everything. You ask lots of questions and I try my best to give you the right answers.

You light up when your Dad walks in the house. As tall and long as you are, you still like to curl up with us and watch TV.

You collect webkinz and like to listen to Beyonce, Michael Jackson and Prince. All you keep talking about is how excited you are that your Papa is going to take you to get your hunting license. Not sure if you will be able to actually shoot a deer...on the way home today you saw a dog that got hit on the side of the road and you immediately burst into tears. You assured me it was because it was a dog. You are so loyal. :)

You and your sister fight like cats and dogs but sometimes I find you all in each other's room playing...that makes me smile. Despite the sibling rivalry, I know one day you two will be best friends just like me and my sisters.
I know she may annoy you but Trinity loves you and looks up to you! ;)
You are definitely more patient with Logan and are always quick to help him out.

You are becoming so dependent and don't need me for much. Don't worry...your lazy brother makes up for what you don't ask me to do! haha

It's very bittersweet to watch you grow up. Daddy and I love you so very much and are so proud of the young lady you are becoming. We will always be here for you. Happy Birthday Toot!

Ichiban Weekend

This weekend Gene's Ichiban teams played in a tournament in Crowley. He had 5 teams competing and one of them was a 4th/5th grade team. Logan sometimes practices with them despite being 5 years younger. :) Since he works out with them, he automatically assumed he was going to get to play with the team. Little did I know he WOULD actually play with the older boys. It was the cutest thing to watch and I must say, he isn't scared and he had a blast(even though his coach aka daddy got on to him :).

My little hooper in warm up.
About to check in to the game for the first time.

Logan ready to guard #21. Even though he didn't score any points and didn't get any rebounds or steals, I am very proud of him!

My point guard bringing the ball up the floor...too bad he got called for traveling before he passed it. Oh least he got in the books even if it was for a turnover! haha

Listening to his coach/dad...I just love this pic.

The girls also got to play this weekend. Fortunately, they opened it up to 4th grade as well so Kansas was able to play with Trinity.

Trinity guarding her player....looking so intense.

The Future of Team Ichiban!! These little girls are going to be so good!

Kansas shooting a free throw...great form

Trinity shooting a free throw...also great form.

I love watching my kiddos play sports and it was extra special to see their Dad coach them. Gene's older boys team won the entire tournament!!

Way to go Ichiban!! For those of you that were wondering, Ichiban means #1 in Japanese...learn something new every day! Have a great week!