Saturday, August 1, 2009

Life's A Beach

I think the kids were a LITTLE excited that we took them to the beach today!

Kansas spent the entire time in the cousins Brigette and Sierra taught her how to boogie board. I used to do that every summer when I would visit my Grandma in La Jolla.

My sweet Trinity enjoying the California surf....

Don't ask...I'm sure he was trying to get something sarcastic out of his mouth before the picture was taken! :)

Kansas headed out to find the perfect wave....

My sweety gathering water for the "sand hotel" that was built for the kiddos...

Uncle Chris starting the "sand hotel" with Logan and Kansas

Did I call him a sweety....I meant my meany....he was trying to get me wet

The splash war continues....I know I know...I'm totally losing

Kansas started the "get mommy wet game" we are when we first arrived. I hadn't even got my cover up off and Kansas had already road her first wave!
Today we headed to La Jolla Shores to enjoy some family time at the beach. The weather was perfect and the water was actually comfortable. We had a great time building memories. More fun planned for tomorrow! Stay tuned!!
Many Blessings,

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Jen S. said...

Your comments under your pictures totally crack me up :) You're funny! Great pictures by the way... I sure enjoyed getting to see all of the fun you guys are having on your awesome vacation!