Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well we are back in a routine and that routine is BUSY! To be quite honest, I function better when I am busy. If I am sitting still I feel like I should be doing something....and yes, that can get frustrating. We had Logan's matriculation service (a girl from work sent me the pic above). Then school started and of course I have been in volleyball season since the day after I returned from vacation!

This past weekend I had a volleyball tournament and on Sunday I took the girls to get their haircut while Gene and Logan stayed back to barbeque. They love to get their hair straightened!

This is Logan's buddy, Mason. He is also a gym rat. :) His mom is one of my assisitant coaches so he is used to the gym being his second home.

I absolutely love when my former athletes come visit me! Distiny and Lauren played for me a couple of years ago. I miss them!!

And last but not least....the people that have been keeping me super busy, MY TEAM!! We are having a great year and these girlies are a lot of fun. So if I don't post very much, it is because I am busy...busy...busy! :) Hope everyone has a great year!
Many Blessings,


Jen S. said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. You're so nice!
We've been so, so busy around here, either out of town (Disney World was a blast!) or just always doing something or other. Finally I'm able to sit and catch up on my favorite blogs... which of course means yours :)
Love the pictures (as always). Glad you guys are in a routine already, we aren't quite yet, but hope to be soon. These mornings are hard to get used to! Again, love the pics.

Stephanie said...

LOVE your girls hair too! They are so beautiful!