Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trinity & TAV

My sweet girl, Trinity had her very first club volleyball tournament this weekend! She is only 9 but playing for the TAV top 11&under team, 11VB Rags!!! She was literally counting the days until this weekend.

These girls are so sweet and they can play some good volleyball for 11's!!

In between games, Trinity got to enjoy some daddy time. :)

The girls warming up before their first match. They are so fortunate to have great coaches. Ping played for the Chinese, Men's National team and Whitney set for Kentucky for 4 years. It doesn't get better than that!

Part of the fun of playing club volleyball is getting cool ribbons for each tournament! :)

Snuggle time with her momma!

Hanging with her team.....

We are both so proud of Trinity! She played well and is always cheering on her teammates. It was a long weekend and we are pretty tired (hence the mostly pics few words post) but it was well worth every minute of it.
Love watching our kiddos play sports!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back in the Day

My mom just emailed me some old pictures of when I was a baby. Looks like I was doing some calf raises in the picture above. See...already trying to train as an athlete and I was still in a diaper! :) Apparently I didn't like clothes so I spent a lot of time in only my diaper....and yes, I'm well aware I look like a boy! That didn't change until I was in high school! :)

Awww....sister love! My big sis, Jessica was probably trying to pinch me or something like that. One time she bit herself and then yelled, "mom, Amanda bit me". Stupid me responded "yes"when my mom asked if i did it.

That groovy lady holding me is my beautiful mom. The finger in my mouth must have meant "gag me...this dress I'm wearing is awful". It's fun going to look at pics from back in the day....thanks for joining me on my trip down memory lane. :) I think I've embarrassed myself enough for now. :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

This Post Was Supposed to be so DIFFERENT!

I wish I could say the picture above is from November when he broke his arm. Unfortunately, we were back in Cooks yesterday. Logan broke his left elbow again. This time he made sure he REALLY got it good and he ended up needing surgery. He had some displaced bones that needed to be bueno! Last time he fell at recess but this time he landed on it during a basketball game while he was going after a loose ball. I was there and knew it was bad based on the look on his face and the scream. It immediately made me sick to my stomach and I leaped out of the stands to him. Gene was coaching his game at school and Logan immediately asked to go see his dad. I loaded him up and took him to school. We got there right at half time and by this time Logan had settled down and wanted a snack (bad idea). Kenny, our trainer put him in a sling with ice. My girls had a game and one of the dad's is an ortho. Kansas has been going to school with his daughter since Kindergarten and I knew he was a doctor but no idea he was a "Trauma Orthopedic" until earlier this week. That was God's way of saying, "better give that Amanda a heads up". :) Dr. Reddix looked at Logan as soon as we got to the girls' game and made a phone call to Cooks. We headed there and his team met us at the ER.

After surgery...such a good patient. Dr. Kennedy and his resident, Dr. Elliott treated Logan as if he were LeBron James. They came to the ER just for him and took care of him right away. I am so thankful for them and Dr. Reddix for hooking us up!! The surgery took almost 3 hours and now Logan has a figure 8 pin in his elbow. He is my little IRON MAN! :)

Before he went into surgery, he had some visitors. His coach, John, teammate, Cameron and Cam's mom, my friend, Amanda. They brought him a bag full of goodies. One of his favorite things was this helicopter that we let him fly once we got to his room.

Logan asked Gene if he could watch the Saints game vs. Kinkaid. It's really funny to listen to a 7 year old critique the film of a varsity basketball team. I know Gene just loves it!

So why they were watching basketball, I was taking pictures of all the cute things they had in the room. Since this is a children's hospital, all their decorations cater to kids of course. So cute!! The table had jelly beans all over it and the colors in the room were bright and cheery! It kept making me think about all the children (and parents) that are really ill and have to spend many nights in these rooms. Even though I was a mess while Logan was in surgery, I knew he was in good hands and he is able to go home the next day. I would take a broken arm over severe illness anyday!!

The girls stayed with the Hillards over night and brought Logan some goodies this morning before we were discharged. Thank you Rebecca for taking such good care of my girlies!!

Unfortunately, one of our student-athletes was on the same floor as Logan. His mom was so sweet and kept asking the nurses how Logan was doing during surgery. She came to visit us this morning and so Logan wanted to return the favor and go visit her son. The picture above is him on the way down the hall to say hello to his fellow Saint. :)

We are now home and after I took care of Logan's requests, Mc Donalds, Cheez its, Sour patch kids and ice cream, I got in the shower!! I must say Logan was kind enough to say to me in the hospital, "mommy, I'm sorry you had to sleep in your jeans". Awww...
I am so thankful for the wonderful people at our school and our dear friends that love us so much. Thank you John, Amanda, Rebecca, Laurie and everyone else who kept my sweet guy in their prayers. Love you all!! Feel so blessed to be a part of the All Saints' community and to be surrounded by such loving friends and family.
I thought I would be posting about the kids and their basketball games today but I was quickly reminded that I am not the one in charge. :) I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. Thanks again for all the prayers!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Saints Support THE FROGS!!!

Today is "Go Frogs" day at school and the kids got to have a break from their usual school uniform. They bust out their purple to support the Horned Frogs!!! I am wearing my purple also but sporting my "SAINTS" jeans! We have 2 big counter games this weekend against some Houston schools. The kids and Gene have their basketball games and I have to coach at a club volleyball tournament Saturday morning. Thank goodness we have Monday off!!! Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow in the DFdub :)

We spent Friday and Saturday in the gym but woke up Sunday morning to SNOW!!!

Texas weather is so crazy. One day it is 80 degrees and you're wearing shorts and then the next day its in the 30's and snowing. Ok so maybe that is a little exaggeration but you get my point. :) Trinity used the bowl to pile snow balls in since the snow really wasn't sticking.

Logan decided he would taste the's a break from his usual "chip" diet. :)

The dogs even had some fun in the snow.....for about 3 minutes. Tomorrow we are supposed to get some freezing precipitation. I guess we will see if it actually happens. We have loaded up the firewood and have had a nice fire burning all night. Hope everyone stays warm!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Rose Bowl Champions!!

If you haven't heard, (you must be living under a rock :)) TCU Football won the 2011 Rose Bowl!!! Everyone here in Ft. Worth/TCU-Land is so excited about the Frogs victory!! The coaches and players put in many hours and time away from family and friends to accomplish this goal. The families of the coaches should be commended as well! The sacrifices they make so their husbands and daddies can prepare the team and build a program many times go unnoticed. I have a couple of friends that have hubbys that coach college and Jenny is one of them. She is such a great mom and keeps her home running smoothly so her husband, Justin can keep the Frogs scoring TOUCHDOWNS!!! Their daughter, C is the smartest and cutest almost 3-year old you will ever meet! They got to enjoy the Rose Bowl experience VIP style and you can enjoy the pictures on her blog. Last spring Jenny invited me to bring Logan to watch a spring practice. As you can see here he had a great time! He loves the Frogs and has been talking non-stop about Andy Dalton since September! As his mom, I am so thrilled to find out Dalton is a devoted Christian!! Love it!
Congratulations to TCU Football players, coaches, families and fans on an AWESOME 2011 season!!