Monday, September 28, 2009

Class Pictures...

Kansas- 4th grade

Trinity- 2nd grade

Logan- Kindergarten

The kids got their school pictures back and I just had to post them again like I did last year. Kansas wants to take retakes but I think hers are fine even though she has a "sleepy smile". I am so glad they are all finally together at All Saints'. The school year is going well. We just found out that Trinity will be receiving a Character Award also! At the football game on Friday, when they played the National Anthem, she stopped playing and put her hand over her heart....she then started trying to get all the kids around her to do the same. A teacher at school saw her and told Dr. Pitre. I am so proud of my kiddos!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blue Jays Baseball 2009

The Blue Jays got to play today since it finally stopped raining! Unfortunately my camera is not working properly so Gene took it in to get fixed. I was left to take pictures with my bueno! Logan did very well for his first coach-pitch game. I am very proud of him. In the picture above he is playing catcher....he also played pitcher and outfield.

He looks like he knows what he is doing doesn't he. :) I guess watching baseball on ESPN 24-7 has helped.....and having Coach John as his coach! They had a double-header against the Rangers and they won both 10-1!! Logan scored in both games but I am more proud when he plays good defense. At the end of game 2 he got a triple....hit it nice and hard down the 1st baseline.

After the game, some of us headed to Chick-fil-a. What a great day...watching my son play the sport he loves and hanging out with my friends while I do it. Another double-header tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Back.....

I woke up this morning to this face.....his mohawk or "Lohawk" as Logan likes to call it is back! His daddy thought he would be sneaky and cut his hair while I was fast asleep. I had a long weekend....took my volleyball girls on a road trip to Austin. We did well one match and not so well the other match. What can I say...I am dealing with teenage girls! So needless to say...I was looking forward to sleeping in on my one day off. I do miss his curls but they were getting a little crazy. Logan loves his new style! We will see what his teachers and friends say.... ;)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain...Rain....Go AWAY!!!

This has been the view from my office window for the past week! Nothing but rain. I know we needed it but I think we are a little water logged now! Our campus sits on over a 100 acres and everything is nice and green but I need some sun people!! It always seems like it is hard to get motivated in this type of weather. I just want to sit on my couch and watch some tv when it is raining. :) Despite all the gloomy weather, my team did beat Trinity Valley in 3 straight games on Tuesday....just thought y'all needed a little pick me up after the first few sentences...hehe. We head to Austin this weekend for a couple matches. Go Saints! Since it has been so wet, Logan has yet to play in his first coach pitch baseball game. Keep your fingers crossed that they will get their games in next weekend. Hope all is well with everyone and I will do my best not to write any more boring posts like this one! :) Have a good one!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

UTA Volleyball Reunion!!

Me, Mandy, Sue, Yoko & Tina
UTA VOLLEYBALL....back together again! Last night we had a UTA Volleyball reunion and we went and watched the current team play OU. It was a great match but unfortunately UTA lost in game 5. It brings back a lot of memories walking back into Texas Hall. The best thing was seeing my old teammates and talking about good times.

This is an OLD pic from back in the day....that is Mandy and I warming up before a game.

Sue (with pitcher in hand :)) left her 4 kiddos and hubby and flew down from Chicago to hang out with us. It was so good to see her. We were suite-mates our freshman year and roomates our sophomore year!

Whitney, my friend and Asst. Coach came to watch OU play cause she knows the coach.

Here is the gang....some of us played together, some of us didn't. Go MAVS!

UTA vs. OU.....September 12, 2009 @ good ol' Texas Hall

The Springers were there to watch the action....Bailey is one of my outside hitters on my volleyball team. That girl is going to play college volleyball wherever her heart desires!

My old teammates and friends for life....Tina, Mandy, Yvette, Yoko (and her beautiful twins) and Sue. It was so great to see all of them and I look forward to the next gathering. All of these ladies mean so much to me and we share so many great memories! Y'all better keep in touch!!
Love you all,
Random Ray :) haha

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dinner Cruise Date Night

Our neighbors invited us to go on a dinner cruise with them and we accepted! The theme for the cruise was "Salsa" so there was lots of Salsa dancing going on. Gene and I love to dance so we were looking forward to the night out. When we weren't dancing, we sat and relaxed and enjoyed being out on the water.

About 9pm, the crew put up the sail. This little boy helped out...he was a trooper. You can see everyone dancing underneath on the dance floor.

My BFF neighbor, Angie

Looking forward to getting the evening started

Me and the hubby

Gene and I don't get to go out much....coaching takes up a lot of our time. It was nice to spend some time together. I woke up this morning and was served breakfast in bed....I could get used to this! It has been a nice, long weekend that is for sure!
Have a great week!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Teddy Bear Picnic

Today marked the 3rd Teddy Bear Picnic for the Watts Family! Today was Logan's turn and you can tell by the picture he was having a blast!

Due to the much needed rain, we had to move the picnic in the gym. So of course Logan felt right at home....haha! The kids sang a song for the parents and then we served them lemonade and bear cookies. I was hoping they would have some leftovers cause y'all know me around em!

Here I am with my little bear. Please excuse my no make-up self. I had volleyball practice in the morning and then Gene called to tell me that I had his car I had to drive all the way home and pick up him and the no shower for me...nice huh! cute is this picture!! I just want him to stay little and sweet forever!!

Logan and his purple bear...

Mrs. Yater's Kindergarten class....Class of 2022!

The whole gang! There are lots of pictures in this post but y'all know me....I always have my camera with me and I love photos! These are definitely ones that I will cherish last baby in Kindergarten....sniff sniff. :) Hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend!

Many Blessings,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Logan's First Award

Logan has only been in Kindergarten a few weeks and he already received an award! I mentioned in an earlier post that he earned a Character Award because of how kind he was to a classmate that had broken his arm. He sat with his friend Jonathan at recess while the other kids played. We are very proud of him!

We all joined him in chapel this morning where he received the award.

Dr. Pitre, the Principal hands Logan his award in front of the entire lower school. He was quite shy....he grabbed it and walked quickly back to his seat! :)

My little stinker....
My children always get complimented on their behavior and Gene and I could not be more proud. I just wish they were that nice to each other! Sibling gotta love it!