Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the Road Again....

Well the Watts Family went on yet another trip this weekend. This has probably been the busiest summer we have ever had. Many memories were created that is for sure! As I mentioned in my last post, Gene and I are celebrating 11 years of marriage. My little sister is about to begin her journey as a married woman. She had a wedding shower in San Antonio so we made the trip and had fun celebrating our anniversary along with the beginning of a new marriage with family on the riverwalk.
My sister, Millicent and her family met us on Friday night and celebrated our 11 years with us. Here we are enjoying our desert. By the way....that was not my idea to cross the arms! :)
The wedding shower wasn't until Saturday evening so we had breakfast on the riverwalk and then headed to the zoo. Doesn't Trinity make a beautiful butterfly!

And here is the rest of the bunch....there were real animals at the zoo, I promise! :)

After a hot day at the zoo, we all got cleaned up and headed to the shower. It was so nice because our hotel was right on the riverwalk so we were able to walk. We had a lot of fun hanging with the Street Family....aka my sister, Millicent, BIL, Stephen and my nephew, lil. Stephen.

The Watts Family....yes, that is Logan being a total boy.

The Happy Couple, Megan and Wesley! How cute are they!!! I am so excited for them. It's hard to believe my little sister is getting married....heck it's hard to believe she is old enough to drive!! She has grown up to be a beautiful, young woman and I am very proud of her. I did take a "normal" picture of them but I thought this one was soooo cute. You can tell their personalities are perfect for one another.

Grandpa Rombeau and his glad Logan could remember how to smile for this picture!

Me, our Dad and Millicent, Megan, Mill and Julie....we were missing our big sister, Jessica but we will get a good pic at the wedding of all of us. It was so good to see my sisters. I haven't seen Megan and Julie in forever!

Funny story....Kansas and I switched shoes at the reception.....can you believe my 10 year old and I can share shoes! That is crazy.
We are finally home after a long drive. Gene got changed and went straight into his office to start cleaning out stuff and organizing. (No, that last sentence was not one big typo!!! :)) I can't be the only organized one if we are planning on getting this house on the market...ha ha!! We had a great time in San Antonio and we are looking forward to the wedding in October. Summer is officially over for the kids as well. They meet their teachers tomorrow and then school begins on Wednesday. Summer 2009 was a great one!! I hope everyone has a great school year!
Many Blessings,

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