Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!!

A picture of my 3 turkeys to start this Thanksgiving post. :)

We had our family in town...the house was packed but full of and dogs. :) I wouldn't have it any other way!

Nana and Papa with their grandkids...there is just no way to get everyone smiling at the same time! My nephew Cody didn't like the fact that he is 16 and his 11 year old cousin, Kansas is almost as tall as him. :)

My 3 sisters....I just love them!

I loaded ALL the kids up by myself and took them to the Prairie Lights at Joe Pool Lake. It was so much fun. You drive around the lake and they have a huge light display and then you can park at this huge tent and it is a winter wonderland in there. We watched a Christmas show to lights and then walked thru the lighted forest.

It is so cool to see the holidays through the eyes of children.
The cousins and Cecilia. :) She joined us so her mom could go watch the TCU Horned Frogs beat up on New Mexico!! We had so much fun with her. She was a trooper to deal with all of us! :)

Nana and Papa....

Me and the hubby....I got this app on my phone that takes black and white pictures so I had fun trying it out.

We took this picture while daddy was helping Papa unload the firewood. Like I've said before, my kids don't like pictures so this was a challenge.....not to mention I had the girls put their hair down which they NEVER do!!
The house is now quiet with everyone gone and I have cleaned and about finished well as taken my test for my class. It's back to work and school tomorrow. Even though I love my job, I really enjoy spending time with family at home more. :) Looking forward to Christmas break already (and being done with this class).
Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Things to do when you have time off....

It's very rare for me to have time off but when I do I try to enjoy time with the special people in my life. My besties Jenny and Whit and I have been trying to plan a night out. We couldn't find one to fit all of our busy schedules so we chose to make it GDO (Girls Day Out) instead of GNO! works for me! (I blame our waiter for the poor picture quality :) We ate at On The Border after we got a fabulous manicure!
If you haven't tried the "gel" must! Regular manicures chip after one day...well for me at least. The gel manicure is supposed to last up to 2 weeks!! So far so good....and I've been doing laundry and dishes like a mad woman! :) Can you tell which hands belong to the setter, the outside hitter and the middle blocker? :) By the mom totally failed that quiz...and I have her hands!!!

We concluded our GDO by shopping of course! Whitney has never been to Kohls so since Jenny and I are Kohls Veterans, we had to take her! :) She did find 2 tops that "she had to have". Jenny found a great dress and I found a sweater and a cute red top....let's hope my hubby doesn't read this post. :) Well our GDO was a success and I hope we are able to do it again soon. I just love those 2 girlies!

Yes, these 2 are special to me as well. They just need to be thankful I let them on the couch!! :)

So that is REALLY who let them on the couch. :) Buddy and Jersey are our American Bulldogs and although they are still puppies, they are absolutely huge!! They are so funny to watch and I'm really glad they have each other.

So these stadium stairs are definitely not "special" to me by any means but where they are certainly is. Whit and I went to UTA to run stadiums so we can continue our workout regimen even though volleyball season is over. It was so strange being back on my old college campus. So many memories....I definitely miss all my college friends very much.
Well I think this if one of the very first posts that doesn't contain pictures of the kids. Don't fret...they are of course EXTRA special to me and will be enjoying this Thanksgiving holiday with Gene and I as well as the rest of my family. Can't wait to have a house full...I think. :) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sock It To Me

Today we got to enjoy the 3rd grade's performance of Sock It To Me. It was the cutest little play and it made me want to make a sock puppet! :)

We got to watch Trinity's performance as a family...Logan was running around somewhere. Of course I either get no smile from the hubby or goofy face. Sheesh!

Trinity's puppet was a pirate. I was blown away by how creative our music teacher got with all the different themed puppets. It was by far one of the cutest shows I have seen yet!

Trinity performing her pirate scene....of course she is the "tallest" puppet! haha
Tomorrow is a half day and we are off all next week for the Thanksgiving holiday. I am sooooo looking forward to it I can't even stand it!! I love being around my family and we will be hosting them in a few days....woohoo. I hope everyone has a HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Sweet Boy is 7!!!

Lordy Lordy...look whose 7!!! :) I usually include baby pics when I do my birthday posts but this time I had too many recent ones that I wanted to the one where Logan is getting his birthday blessing. How cool is it that my kids are able to go to a school where they praise and worship EVERYDAY!!! Father Mel gives all the kids blessings on their birthday and then the entire lower school sings the birthday song to them.

After lunch, daddy and I brought Logan a cookie cake for him to share with his classmates. I was trying to get him a cool Toy Story cake that my blog friend, Chantel got for her little boy but I didn't get it together in time. I know...bad mom. I don't think Logan seemed to mind and neither did his friends. I just feel bad for their teacher.....Gene and I passed out the cake and left her with all the soon to be hyper kids!

Today we went to his flag football game. Even though he cannot play cause of his broken arm, he wanted to be there to support his team. They ended up beating a 2nd grade team 25-24!!! GO THUNDERBOLTS!!

I thought this picture was so cute of the boys on the sideline watching the action. It was nice and cold this morning...the wind was brutal!

These first grade boys are some of the sweetest kids!!

We brought goodie bags for all the boys and before they got them, they sang happy birthday to Logan. Coach French was so sweet to allow Logan to be Captain along with Luke this game even though he is sidelined with an injury. It really meant a lot to him. He even let Logan speak in a huddle to which Logan said "Let's go get'em!".

After the football game, we took Logan and his buddy Luke to Dave and Busters for some game time!! It has not been easy for Logan to be in the cast. He is such an active boy and we have been told he can't do anything bus sit around and heal. Dave and Busters was a much needed escape! On the ride there Logan told Luke, "You're lucky, you got to play in the game." :( He is such a competitor and can't wait to be back on the field.

Of course he spent most of his time at the football and basketball games. A broken arm stinks but at least it was his left one!!

Enjoying being kids....

Showing the loot that they won after turning in all their tickets!
I think birthday #7 was a success cast or no cast!! Thank you to Luke and his family for having Logan over the night before his birthday...he adores y'all!
Happy Birthday my sweet Logan. We love you Booga Bear and enjoy every moment of watching you grow!
mom and dad

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Little Random Update from Yours Truly

I am so proud of Kansas!!! She has worked so hard on her grades and made the "Principal's List" for the 1st term. Last year she struggled with math but was determined to do well this year!!
She has done that and more!

She was getting mad at me for taking pictures during chapel time but I waited until dismissal time...sheesh. :) I told her Jesus gets me....He totally understands. :)
The day before her awards ceremony we got to take Logan to get his cast. You would think it would be a somber event but it wasn't. He was actually excited to get it. I guess it's a "cool" thing you can show your friends.

We had to wait a long time because the doctor had to do an emergency of course my 2 guys had to goof off to kill time. :) Finally the doctor saved me from their craziness and arrived to put on his cast. When he took off the splint, Logan's arm looked like Popeye's was all swollen right below the elbow. The doctor said it was totally normal...phew. He asked what color cast Logan wanted and he went with...

Horned Frog Purple of course!!! As soon as we left the doctor's office we had to go get markers so everyone could sign it.

He looks intimidating doesn't he.....all 26 pounds of him! :)
After school today he came to my office and was so excited because SUPERFROG was on campus today and signed his cast! I wish I would have known cause you know me, I would have been there to snap a few pics!
Don't want to leave out my middle child on this post. :) Trinity made the top 11's volleyball team at TAV!! We went last night to have a team meeting and get sized for her uniform. Once she gets it, I will be sure to post a picture!! GO TRIN!!!
I am so proud of all 3 of my kiddos and feel so blessed to be their Mom! It's week 1 of being done with volleyball. I'm going to enjoy the extra time but I miss my team!!! They had a great season and I am proud of them as well. KIA KAHA!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Just Part of Being a Boy

So my team got into the DI Championship game and fought back from an 0-2 deficit but ended up losing in 5 games. Even though 2nd place isn't what we wanted, it is the best finish in school history. I am extremely proud of my team...they had a great season! I am also extremely proud of my son who sat through my 2.5 hour match with a broken arm!! He came up to me after my match and said he hurt is arm at recess. I didn't think anything of it cause he seemed fine(and I was also still upset about the loss...I know...bad mom). We met my dad for dinner that night and Logan started to really favor his left arm. This morning he woke up with a lot of swelling so I loaded him up and took him to Cook Children's Hospital to get an xray. Gene met me there from basketball practice (yep it's basketball season). The doctor took a look at the xray and told us he had a subconjular fracture. I'm sure I don't have that spelled's been a long time since I took Anatomy & Physiology. When we got to the hospital Logan immediately thought he was going to get a shot....he asked everyone who came into the room, "Are you going to give me a shot?" I must say, we saw a ton of people from the register person, xray tech, splint guy, nurse, doctor and volunteer just to name a few. Every single one of those people were so kind to Logan and made us feel like we were the only people in the ER...which we definitely were'nt.

I'm pretty sure they all were the reason his face went from the 1st picture to this one. They took good care of him at Cook's! We will be going on Monday to an ortho to get a real cast. He can't wait for his friends to sign it. :) Unfortunately his first flag football game was today so he had to miss. Hopefully he will make it back in time for 1 or 2 games. I am proud to say that he asked if he could go watch and cheer his team on....and we would have if we would have made it out of the ER in time. He was happy to hear that the Thunderbolts won 12-6!!!

You never like to see your children hurt or sick but I'll take a broken arm over a severe illness any day. Logan and I talked on the way to the ER about how there are so many children that are really sick and have to stay in the hospital for long periods of time. He told me right before we entered the ER "I'll be ok Mommy....God will heal me" to which I replied, "yes He will.". I love that little boy!!!

Thanks again to ALL of the people at Cook Children's Hospital...y'all are awesome!!