Saturday, November 28, 2009

Food Poisoning...Thanksgiving...and It's beginning to look a little like Christmas

The day before Thanksgiving I got food bueno!! When momma's all shuts down! :) Since I am just now starting to feel better, we didn't make the trip to Houston. We were all bummed to not be with our big family but at least we were together. My awesome neighbor made us dinner...which I only ate the rolls :( .

The weather was awesome so the kids were able to play outside the entire time I was in bed. Yesterday they played a pick up game of basketball. No, Gracie our bulldog is not on one of the teams...she just has to be part of the action.

It cracks me up how competitive they our....hmmm...wonder where they get that from! Gene was the referee and the kids didn't like he called everything!! They better get used to it cause they are about to start playing again.

Since I started feeling a little better, we decorated for Christmas. We always do it the weekend after Thanksgiving. Gene even started a fire to get us in the holiday spirit!

We have 2 Christmas trees...this one is the "Silver Snowflake Tree". Gene is trying to get the big snowflake to stay straight! :)
So food poisioning is not something I NEVER want to have again but the week ended up great. It's back to work on Monday but thankfully I like my job so it's all good! :) Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Many Blessings,

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Grandparents Weekend!

Can you tell Logan is excited to have his Nana and Papa in town for Grandparent's Day! haha. Every year All Saints' hosts the Grandparents and the kids just loved showing them around their classrooms and singing in chapel for them.

The day before they came, the Kindergarten class had their Thanksgiving feast.

My little Indian is ready to eat! :)

Ok...he is still excited! :) Nana and Papa witht their crazy grandkids!

Logan scored his first touchdown today during his flag football game. I was so excited that I didn't snap a picture of him getting into the endzone....dangit! He almost scored 2 more but the field was so wet and muddy that he slipped and ate it the other runs...

Can you say Oxy Clean!!! Ugh...

After the flag football fun, I got to take Trinity for some "Mommy and Me time. We went to watch some of our friends from work perform in the Nutcracker Ballet. It was so awesome. In this picture she is trying on our MS principal's wife's boots. She is only a half size smaller. Geez my kids have BIG feet!!!

Me and my sweet middle child. Of course she had to bring her American Doll with us. It was a busy weekend but a fun one! Ready for the week off and more time with family. Y'all have a great Turkey Day!!

Many Blessings,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flag Football and Farm Fun with Family

Our Saturday started with some flag football....yes, Logan is in white pants this time!

The first play of the game, Logan was quarterback and he tried to throw a 20 yard pass...his teammate almost caught it...don't think that is the play his coach called however! :)

Then we headed to the country...I love it at our farm. It is so relaxing. My BIL is about to head off to hunt least I think that is my BIL...haha! Yep...I recognize that grip on the Bud Light anywhere! :)

I thought I would try shooting a can (hey it sounds like deer)....I came really close. If I was aiming at a Bambi, I wouldve shot it. :(

The boys digging a tunnel into the hill....I love how the leaves on the trees are changing pretty...and the boys are cute too! ;)

Trinity grabbed her pole and started fishing immediately. This is her first catch.....she caught 6 total! The 2 proud people in the background are her Nana and Papa. :)

Kansas with her Nana and Papa....I swear that girl just keeps growing and growing!

At the end of the night we started the camp fire and made smores....YUMMY! It is so peaceful out in the country....I love it.....except the part where the cows wake you up at 6:30am cause they are grazing right in front of the camp house....not to mention the sound of the 4-wheeler (my BIL and nephew headed out to hunt). Besides getting woken up early on the's awesome.

I mean where else can you dress like this, not wear any make-up and fit in....haha!
We had a great weekend and look forward to more family time at Thanksgiving!
Many Blessings,

Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Logan!!

Birthday Boy...6 years old! I just love this picture. He looks so happy. Today the school let all the students and teachers wear purple to support TCU in their quest for an undefeated season...GO FROGS!! My friend Jenny's husband is one of the coaches so we've got to show our support. I always tease her that maybe one day Justin (her hubby) will be recruiting Logan.

Gene and I with our sweet like my "purple" bruise....see..I do all I can to show my spirit...haha!

Logan's class was so excited to see the cookie cake waiting for them in the classroom when they returned from lunch. Yummy!!!

Logan and the other birthday kiddos getting their birthday blessing.

How awesome to be "EXTRA" blessed on your birthday!

Early morning present's our tradition. Logan was so excited to get a Nintendo DSi. He said "mommy, this is the best day ever!" Ahhhh....

Happy Birthday Logan! We love you so much!!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Many Blessings,

Thursday, November 12, 2009


It has been forever since I have posted on my blog. I just wrapped up my season and we made school history!! No All Saints' team has ever been in the Division I tournament and we were there this year AND we upset the #1 seed!! We finished with a 4th place finish and I could not be more proud of my girls!

I'm sure you can tell from the picture above that Logan has started playing flag football. They had their first game last week and he had a blast. He is playing with all his Kindergarten buddies from All Saints'.

Yes, that is Logan....the only boy on his team NOT in white pants. :) He was not happy with me...but at least he had cool, new Nike football cleats.

My 4 Seniors...I will miss them so much. Y'all remember getting mums in high school? Those were the good ol' days....NOT! :)

Here is my team on Senior Night....Logan always seems to sneak into the pictures.

I miss my team already but I am looking forward to having the winter season off. Time to catch up on chores and just relax with the kiddos. Tomorrow is Logan's birthday and he is so excited I will be bringing a cookie cake to his of course I will HAVE to post more tomorrow.