Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A 7 year old's love of Basketball

I know I mention all the time that Logan loves basketball and he tells me constantly he will play in the NBA one day....those are his words, not mine. I thought I would actually show you his words. :) I came across this poem that he wrote as I was cleaning his room this weekend. Of course I got teary eyed when I saw it. I asked him about it and he got excited and wanted to read it to me and his daddy. Gene and I listened as he read it to us and just smiled at each other. It is hard to see since it is written in pencil so I have it below also...in his words. :) Enjoy!


I will never quit basketball.

I love playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never stop shooting.

I will never stop playing.

It feels good.

And I feel like the world is under my feet when I'm jumping!!!!

When I pick up the ball it feels like God blest it.

by Logan

So to say this little boy loves basketball is quite the understatement of 2011! He wants to play for the Mavericks cause he loves them and he doesn't want me to have to travel too far to see him play....haha!!! This is a poem that I will cherish forever....he may not have spelled blessed right but he knew to capitalize the G in God!!!! So proud! May all your dreams come true boogie-o!!! We love you!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Just Zoo It!

Today the kids and I ran in the Fort Worth Zoo Run 5k. This is year 3 for Kansas and year 2 for Logan, Trinity and I. We joined a group of over 40 people from our school. There are a lot of groups that run together and I stole my title from a group that was there today. They had "Just Zoo It" on the back of their t-shirts...too cute!
The weather was so pretty today unlike last year's drizzle. So pretty that Po from Kung Fu Panda wanted to come out and show his support! :) Gene would have been there as well but once again he had to be at a track meet....such is the life of a coach!
Kansas' friend, Lauris joined us for the fun. These 2 have been friends since kindergarten and they are just the sweetest girls ever! They got their game face on and their giraffe print pre-wrap and took on the 5k together.

One of the neat things about the zoo run is that you actually get to run through the zoo. Logan ran with me and right as we entered the zoo, we saw our BIGGEST supporter was out watching everyone run. Logan would not get close to the window so I could get his picture with him....or her, not quite sure.

Kansas and Lauris made it thru first and then Logan followed by me and Trinity. Trinity ran with her friends and I of course LET Logan win. Last year I ran with him on my back for a bit but said HECK NO when he asked me this year. He is good to go until about minute 18....then the whining starts. My foot hurts, I'm thirsty....can you hold me? I sure hope Gene can run with us next year or I may have to leave Logan at the track meet with him! :) Of course as we approach the last 800 meters, I tell him that the finish line is right around the corner and to go get it and he shuts up and sprints right thru it. I'm pretty sure the "you're not going to let your old mom beat you are you" comment fired him up a little too! :)

We decided we would grab some breakfast at Panera since it seems to be our zoo run tradition. The kids ordered their usual cinnamon rolls...those things are huge!! We scarfed down the yummy breakfast and I had to drop the kids off to Gene so I could go coach my tennis team. Tomorrow is another busy day with my club volleyball team. Don't worry...I'll get some rest and clean my house in May! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

April is Kickin My Butt

I haven't blogged in awhile not because there is nothing to talk about....quite the opposite. We have been so busy I have just been trying to keep my head above water. Working lots of hours....spending weekends in the gym and trying to get through my Masters. Thankfully, we were able to have a family barbecue the other night. My cousin-n-law and great cousin Tiffany and Jasmine came in to town and we had them over along with Tiffany's sister's family. Gene fired up the grill and we enjoyed yummy food and great company! The kids decided to do a fashion show. Jasmine put on my 3 inch heels and walked better in them than I do!! :) Not quite sure about Logan's outfit of choice...he gets his style from his dad for sure!
Trinity, Jasmine and Willow striking a pose!

It was nice to visit with family and just be at home. Looking forward to Easter weekend. We will have a house full but it's always so much fun. I miss my parents and sisters and wish I lived closer to them and my family in California.

Cannot believe it's almost May which means summer is fast approaching. I'm SOOOO ready!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Special Girl!

Trinity is my middle child and is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. As her mom, I could not be more proud of her! She is loving, thoughtful, a hard worker just to name a few. She has worked so hard in school that she just recently got ALL A's on her report card! We celebrated by going to eat at Cici's...her request of course. :) Not only is she super smart, she is athletic as well. Most importantly, she is a Christian and is kind to everyone she meets. Seeing as though she is the middle child (like me) I push her more and am harder on her than my other two...but we have that middle child bond. :)
Trinity is great with little kids...always so helpful. I cannot say enough about my sweet girl and how blessed I am to be her mom. I love you Trinity and daddy and I are so very proud of you! Keep up the hard work!!!!