Sunday, October 31, 2010

Homecoming, Halloween, Senior Night & a paper due...I got this!

So to say last week was busy is quite the understatement. It was Halloween festivities at school, Homecoming events every night, we had 2 matches along with Senior Night and I had to write a paper for my Masters class. But guess what...with God's grace and lots of Starbucks, we made it through! I even had another former athlete come to our Senior Night. Kelly is now married and a working woman but she took time out to come see me and watch the team. Kelly was a Senior my first year at All Saints' and we bonded right away. I am so proud of her...she is a beautiful young woman!

And back to these two..haha....Senior Night was a success. We beat Saint Mary's in 3 and then had our celebration. If you don't know about their shirts, you should google it...pretty funny.

The team getting their grub on....I love these girls!

Senior Love

I really am going to miss really I am

We can be serious sometimes....
Our match was at 4pm and we had the Homecoming Pep Rally at 2:15...oh yea...I was stressin. Those of you that know me know that I like to have everything organized and ready....not thrown together at the last minute.

I did relax enough to get a picture (dark picture) of this Superman Saint. He is getting fired up for the pep rally!

The entire school was in attendance and our Senior football players entertained them by dancing a dance with the cheerleaders. It was SOOOO FUNNNY to watch!!

I got to snag a hug from the cutest little Superman before he joined his class. I love that I am able to enjoy these things with my kiddos. The girls would not let me get close to them with my camera. :)

They did let me snap a picture before leaving the house. We had Superman, GI Trinity and Minnie Mouse going on this year.
So after all the events at school and with the kids were finished, I was finally able to sit down and write my paper. I finished it at 10:48 last night at Starbucks. Gene and the kids went with was a family affair. :) I am now done with my 3rd class of my Masters program and I have a week off which is perfect since we have the SPC Tournament. I am thankful for my family, my school, my team and most of all the GOOD LORD for giving me all the blessings that make up my crazy, busy life. Wouldn't want it any other way.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Homecoming Bonfire 2010

It's Homecoming week at our school which means there is some sort of festivity every night. Last night we had the Senior Recognition Bonfire. It's hosted at the local stables and it is such a fun event. They grill burgers for everyone and after the Seniors are recognized, the drum line plays and people just sit around the fire.

My 2 Seniors....I will miss them so much!!

Coach Beck chose my 2 girlies to light the bonfire....pretty cool. Don't worry, I was there to put out the embers that got into Kate's hair. I told her she has been on fire the entire season so it's only fitting that she is "on fire" at the Senior Recognition. :) Yes...I know...I'm not funny at all.

Kate and her homecoming date....well not really. They actually fight like brother and sister. It's actually funny to watch them. Kate has been on varsity since her freshman year and her and Logan have been wrestling with each other and picking on one another for the last 4 years! I think he is going to miss her as much as I will!

Me and my 2 Seniors....yes, Logan was trying to sneak in the picture.

My seniors with my 2 blondie juniors....

Tami and I getting our grub on before the event started. The stables have this beautiful barn where you can hold concerts and is awesome. The weather could not have been better for it either.

My 3 kiddos enjoying the burgers and watching the sun go down. You got to love being out in the country. If you haven't noticed by now, Logan did get a haircut. It was his idea ...he asked his daddy to get rid of his curls. I can't help but get a little teary eyed everytime I see the curls go....he is my baby. :)
It's hard to believe there is only a week left to my season. I have enjoyed this year and am so proud of my team. It is really hard to say goodbye to the seniors but I know they will come back and visit. Love you Merit and Kate!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

It doesn't get more RANDOM than this...

So are y'all ready for a random college friends used to call me Random Ray (not sure where the Ray part came from...I guess it sounded good :)) I would tell the most random stories. I am probably the world's worst story teller and Gene let Logan know the other day that he is just like his mom in that department. Well at least I gave him my athletic ability! :) Are you lost yet? Well I am still in season which means life is still pretty crazy (and my house is a mess!) but gene the kids and I are used to it. I did have the time to take the kids to our usual pumpkin patch. They are too old to get all matchy-matchy for picture time and apparently that is something I am just going to have to deal with. :)

At least this set of kids that I have still match. These pictures were taken from our first that seems so long ago. We are having a great season and our conference tournament is in 2 weeks!! I am so proud of my girls and will really miss my 2 Seniors. KIA KAHA!!!
Since it is volleyball season, I get to spend a lot of time with one of my besties, Whitney. She is an awesome coach (used to set for Kentucky and was amazing). She has single-handedly turned one of my Seniors from outside hitter to setter in a few short months. I am very thankful for all my coaches. I truly have the best staff!!!

Unfortunately I saved our picture small but I will post another one soon with all my coaches!! We were hanging out enjoying watching some football...GO SAINTS!

Back to the 3 bratts that I live with.....they had a great time at the pumpkin patch and being "children of the corn" :). Kansas left on Wednesday for a camp out with her classmates....they return today and I can't wait to hear all about it. I have missed her so much! She is growing up so fast and just recently raised her math grade to an A and was nominated for the Principal's List. So proud of my first born! The other 2 are doing great as well. Trinity could sleep through class and make A's. She still loves her American Girl Dolls and desperately wants to play club volleyball this season. Logan is still all boy and thinks it's ok to talk in class. Don't worry Ms. Carter...we will take care of that habit! Haha.
Before we know it Thanksgiving will be here as well as basketball season. I hope everyone is doing well and thank you for dealing with all my Randomness!!
Last but not least.... GO RANGERS!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hangin with the Hogs

We were invited to go to the Arkansas vs. A&M football game today and it was being played at Cowboys Stadium. We watched the game from a suite and everyone there were cheering for the Hogs.....we heard "Pig Soiee" (or however you spell it) the entire game! :)

Logan wanted to cheer for the Aggies but when he realized everyone in the suite were hog fans, he changed his mind...go figure!

He could easily just look straight ahead and watch the game on the jumbotron but nooooo...he needed the binoculars to watch the game. ;)

The Aggie band was phenomenal....WHOOP!!

The Arkansas band was fun to watch as well but definitely not as talented as A&M. It was a fun environment...there was great food, friends, fans and football. Had a blast and we are thankful to the Horton family for the invite....we won't hold it against y'all that you are from Arkansas! Haha

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm A Little More Country Than That....

We headed down to the farm this weekend....dogs and all!! I love being out in the country so I couldn't wait to get there. It is always so peaceful and relaxing.

The fresh air does everyone some good....except for the poor fish Logan caught. Gene is actually making it for dinner as we speak. I'll try to get over the way my house smells now seeing as though I spent all day cleaning...ahemm.

We slept in the tent since the bunkhouse isn't finished yet. It actually got a little chilly but it was nice sleeping under the stars.

Trinity enjoying the good life. :)

My mom and I were both Camo'd out. You can't really tell in this picture (cause we blend in to the woods behind us right :)) but my shorts were camo and my top was brown and my mom had on the exact opposite.

Trinity caught a fish as well. That girl will stay on the dock all day long until she catches one.

My sister and her family came up to visit as well. It was my niece, Kendall's first time at the farm. I must say, she absolutely loved it or it was just the fact she was hanging with her favorite Auntie, ME!! :) Ok...maybe it was a little of both.

Uncle Wayne was there mowing when we arrived and he took all the kiddos for a ride on the tractor. He said Logan was the best driver.....that's scary!

Me and my lil' sister, Millicent hung out for awhile and watched the men...umm drink beer. :) We went into town for a bit cause they had the craft fair going on. They had some really cute things. We didn't stay too long since we had Kendall with us.
As always, it was nice to hang in the country and I love seeing my family. I have so many fond memories from my childhood at the farm, the coca-cola car, learning how to drive, shooting at beer cans... :) I love watching my kids build their memories here also.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Saints at Cowboys Stadium

Our football team was fortunate to get the chance to play in Cowboys Stadium this year. Unfortunately it was against the #1 ranked Brownwood Lions. Despite the tough loss everyone seemed to enjoy the atmosphere. :) This is an experience those football boys will never forget. They got to play on the same field as the 2011 Superbowl teams!!!

Me and the Hubs snapping a picture before the game was all his idea of course...haha

Brownwood may have gotten us this year but when these "Future Boys of Fall" start playing for the Saints, those Lions are going to taste defeat!!!

Before kick-off, they were putting people on the jumbo-tron. Of course they picked the 2 most beautiful girls in the stadium ( daughters)...luckily I had my phone/camera ready to snap a pic. I am always armed and ready for a good picture!

I love my school/job and am so proud to be a SAINT!!!

We had a lot of fun supporting our team and it was exciting to be in Cowboys Stadium. It was a tough loss but we are still undefeated in conference and ready to take on the Trojans next week.