Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just a few things...

This is a picture from my birthday dinner that I posted on facebook but never put on my blog...until now. We hardly ever get a "family" picture so I thought I would post this one of the beautiful people I love so much! It wouldn't be complete without Logan making some sort of silly face. Speaking of Logan...we took him to the doctor on Monday and he was released!!! He could not wait to get back to school so he could play in PE class. Last night he attended Gene's shooting clinic along with his sisters. He will get the pins out of his elbow in June. It is outpatient surgery but I'm still not looking forward to that. He is my baby. :)

We are still waiting to hear back in regards to the reality show. I received an email last Friday to tell us the interviews were being sent to the network for further review. I will keep y'all posted!

Looking forward to Easter (no, not because I can finally eat cookies and soda again) and spending time with family. Trinity has her last tournament that weekend so she will have a lot of fans to watch her play!

In order to keep up with our kids, :)Gene and I have been doing the Shred at 5:30am during the week and it feels so good to be getting back into shape! Bring on the summer!!! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Watts Been Happening...

I haven't blogged since our Kemah trip but it's not because there isn't much to write's just we have been super busy! I had a volleyball tournament on both weekends of spring break. Trinity played the first weekend and I got to coach her team. I had fun with them and they even WON SILVER in the 12 and under division!!!

My sweet girl with the hardware.....#2 on the roster, #1 in my heart! :) I'm not sure how thrilled she was having me coach her team because of course I was extra hard on her. She is playing up 2 ages but she holds her own and I am very proud of her!

Silver Division Champions....TAV 11 VB Rags Black!!!

The following Saturday we got to go interview as a family for a reality TV show about "Extreme Sports Families". We had to go to the Las Colinas Movie Studios and it was a neat experience.

This is the mural that is on one of the walls at the studio. Inside it had sets and all sorts of props. It felt like you walked right into a studio in Hollywood! The director and producer were super nice and there was a camera man filming the entire interview. Of course it had to be about sports for my family to be involved in it! :) I heard about it through a friend at work who received an email about the show. She forwarded it to me cause she thought we would be the perfect family. :) When we left the interview, Logan said "Mommy, we are going to get picked." I said "You think so?" and he replied, "I don't think, I know!" How about that for a 7 year that attitude!! :) If they do choose us, filming will only take 3 days. I'll make sure to post when we hear something!

Speaking of that sweet, 7 year old...he sure does make a good ball boy

So spring break came to an end which means back to work and school. It's hard to believe but my tennis season is done in about 6 weeks and then it will be May!! Wow...where does the time go? I'm hoping to be able to make my annual trip to San Diego to spend time with my Auntie Liz and family in June. With the way these gas prices are going...not sure I can afford a ticket!!

Ichiban has started back up for Gene and since the girls are playing with the program, it means more time in the gym for the Watts' Family! :) I do miss watching Logan play baseball right now but I just want his arm to completely heal so he can get back into the sports that he loves so much.
We did have a few hours during the break to do some car shopping. My sweet Sally is doing her best to get around town but she is getting close to 200,000 miles!! She is a very reliable Mom-mobile though! :) But if I could pick ANY vehicle I wanted, it would be this beauty.

I've wanted a truck for the last 20 years at least....since I was 5...wink wink. As nice is that machine is above, I don't think I will ever buy a vehicle for 65K...even if I had the money!!

Well if you have'nt already fallen asleep or shut off your computer....I will close with life is busy but blessed and I really don't think I could function if I wasn't always going non-stop. I'm excited to say that I think I may be finished with my Master's degree by December. I'm loving the technology class I'm taking right now. I've learned a lot and actually look forward to the work.

I hope everyone has a great weekend....thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kemah 2011

It's spring break this week and we took a little road trip to Houston to see the family. We celebrated my birthday with dinner with the parents. :) We had yummy Mexican food...they know me well! The next day we took our kiddos plus 2 of our nephews to the Kemah Boardwalk.

I have never been there before so I was looking foward to it! We had a great time and the weather could not have been any better.
Of course my wonderful, athletic hubby had to try the basketball game. He missed the first shot but after that.....

He won this.....and....

this....just what we needed. :)

The kids loved feeding the was pretty cool.

Of course Gene spotted a choo choo grill....he walked up to the guy and said "If I wasn't on vacation, I would show you how to work that grill." :) They talked "grilling" for a bit and then we moved on to the next adventure.

The kids had a blast and were completely worn out by the time we left.

I am so thankful that we were able to have a nice day with our kiddos. It was great to have our nephews there as well.

It was a stress-free day and we didn't spend it in a gym....a girl can't ask for anything more! :) Looking forward to a few more days off before heading back to work.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Diary & Donuts...don't say that fast

Trinity's class invited the parents to "Diary & Donuts"...yes, I know, if you say that fast it doesn't sound very yummy. :)

Trinity's story was called "The Diary of a Puppy". She wrote the story and did all the illustrations. As she read, we were able to enjoy a chocolate covered that was not my favorite part... :) watching my beautiful daughter smile as she read to her mom & dad was definitely the best.

Of course her dad had to make funny comments the entire time to keep her laughing.

We are so proud of Trinity!! She is doing very well in school, she is kicking butt in her sports and she is just a loving and adorable little girl. Such a blessing to us!!
It is spring break now and we are looking forward to some time off. I hope everyone enjoys some family time!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Taking it all for Granted

My cousin Derek just arrived for his 15 day R&R time. He has been in Iraq over 6 months! I could not imagine all that he deals with on a day to day basis while in Iraq. Sitting with him at dinner tonight made me think about all that I take for granted each and every day. Just minutes before we got to the restaurant, I was fussing at the kids for fighting with each other. He has not seen his daughter, Jasmine in 6 months. I can't even fathom being away from my kiddos for half that time. His wife, Tiffany is a single parent when he is away. How does she do it?

My kiddos were so excited to see their great-cousin, Jasmine. They sat at the kid's table together and were so well behaved!!

How cute is she!!! I think she was pretty happy to see her daddy!! :)

The Castros....I love this picture. They look so happy!!! I cannot wait until Derek is home for good so they can have their sweet, little family back together.

Look at these two cheeseballs! :)
I am so happy we were able to see Derek, Tiffany and Jasmine. It is the greatest feeling to be around family!!!
There is so much I take for granted each day. I pray for my cousin, the other troops and their families that sacrifice each day so we can live in the wonderful country called America.
God Bless You All!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Logan, Some Rose Bowl Bling & a GREAT MESSAGE!

Today our school was blessed to hear a message from two men of God. They are both former football players but they didn't talk about their Rose Bowl wins and their days in the NFL, but how much their life changed the day they became Christians!

They spoke to the MS and the LS about making "good choices and listening to the right voices". They mentioned how there will be people in their life that are "dream breakers and those that are dream makers". You need to choose the right people to be around. They spoke on how much the Lord means in their life and how He is the greatest reward....the gold medals and championship rings don't even come close. :)Logan had the opportunity to come up at the end and put on a Rose Bowl, USC jersey and championship ring earned by Keith Davis.

They are part of an organization called "Just Say Yes" and were a huge hit at our school. They changed up their message to make it age appropriate and touched on bullying, making smart decisions and most importantly, living for God!
Keith even whispered to Logan about how important it is to focus on school work first before sports. :) I appreciated that one for sure! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kansas as William Penn

Introducing, William Penn....

This week the 5th graders are creating the Living History Museum. They have to research their historical figure and actually animate him or her for the school community. Kansas chose William Penn. I think it's funny that a girl named Kansas is portraying a man who founded Pennsylvania. Haha...

Her partner, Maria played the younger Penn and Kansas is the older version. Kansas painted her pretty!!! The dot on her hand is for people to "push" to make her become ALIVE as William Penn. :)

She did a great job and even had a slight, English accent when she spoke. All of the 5th graders amazed me with their knowledge on their characters. The sets were incredible also!

Yes, leave it to William Penn's mom....I mean Kansas' mom to embarrass her! :) It's one of my many duties as a faithful parent! lol

We are very proud of our girlie!!