Friday, July 31, 2009

Family Fun

We are finally in San Diego!! No more basketball for Gene....just Family time!! My Grandmother is still holding on but we all are at peace knowing that a Priest has come and blessed her to prepare her for her transition.

My Aunt Gloria and Uncle Glen....they are always so sweet to have the most fun pool parties! We have a HUGE family but they are always willing to accomodate us all at their home. We love y'all!

My Mom and Aunties....yes, that is my hubby sitting by the pool. :)

All the family enjoying the pool, California weather and each other's company.

The youngins....playing after a long day in the pool.

I'm not trying to drown him....I promise. Just excited that he is done with basketball and can hang with us.

Rough life this guy has.....

We got to take Daddy back to Universal Studios with us. We had a blast!

Jaws was actually spitting Logan out....he said he doesn't like the taste of spoiled little boys! :)

Hoooville...from the set of The Grinch....
We are so excited to finally be in San Diego around family. It's just amazing how comforting it is to be around the people you love. I feel very blessed to have the chance to be out here with my family. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Busy California Day

How funny is this looks like Logan is about to "frisk" Trinity but he is really trying to bury her in the her request of course... :)

Me and my love in front of the Bubba Gump Restaurant....anyone that knows him knows he always references the movie, Forest Gump.

It is so hard to get a family picture where everyone has a "decent" smile....but I'm not complaining....I'm just glad we are together. The kids and I spent a few hours at the beach while Gene was coaching. After his last game, we all got washed up and headed to Citywalk to hang out in Hollywood.

The kids had such a great time at the beach. I just kept snapping pictures....I loved seeing them so happy!

My little surfer boy....

Trinity went straight to body-surfing while the other two were a little hesitant about going under....but that hesitation didn't last long.

Kansas enjoying the surf
We had fun in LA but I am very anxious to get to San Diego and see my family. My Grandmother is in very poor health but I am at peace knowing that her next destination is Heaven and she is going to have a grand time. She will once again get to dance like she did as a little girl when she was a ballerina.....she will see all her loved ones that she has missed so very much. We will miss her as well but know that this earth is only our temporary home and one day we too will be reunited with her. I am very thankful for she has blessed me with wonderful Aunties and an Uncle that she gave birth to and most importantly, her beautiful, eldest daughter, Barbara that is one special lady! Prayers to my wonderful family whom I love very much. See y'all soon.
Many Blessings,

Monday, July 27, 2009


We got to enjoy the day at Universal Studios today!! It was so much fun and it brought back a lot of memories. My Uncle Bill and Aunt Sharon used to take my sisters and I there when we would come visit them.

Kansas and Logan dancing with Homer Simpson....the Simpson ride was one of their favorites.

Billy Bush wanted to interview me after the Studio Tour...I think I was a little underdressed for the red carpet...haha!

The very popular Bates Mansion....we even saw a scene from Psycho....a man went into the Bates Motel and brought out a "body" in a blanket. He then proceeded to come toward the tour tram with a knife. It was pretty cool.

Recognize that's Wysteria Lane from Desperate Housewives. Look closely at the sign. It was awesome being so close to the set.

I didn't get a great picture but that is Jennifer Love Hewitt going into her trailer on the set of Ghost Whisperer. We also saw a ton of other cool things on the tour...

Like these cars from a scene of Fast and the Furious

And Shaggy by The Mystery Machine....Scooby was there too but I wasn't fast enough to get his picture.

The kids are excited to enter the Simpson ride in Krustyland!

We watched a show with animal actors and I couldn't resist this cute thing...something about her reminds me of Logan...haha!

Lucy Ricardo ...the kids even knew who she was!

We had a great time at Universal Studios. I wish I could post all the cool pictures but I took almost 100 of them. I may try to download them to facebook...we'll see. Gene didn't get to make it cause he was coaching but we got 2 for 1 passes so we will be returning before we leave so he can share in the fun. Have a great week!

LA LA Land

My Uncle Bill & Aunt Sharon

With the kiddos...

We left the heat of Phoenix and landed in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon. Our flight was delayed but the wait was worth it. As soon as we retrieved our rental car, we headed straight to Shoreline Village to meet with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Sharon. It was so great to see them. We had a nice dinner and were able to visit for a bit. I'm excited that there is going to be a reunion of the Rombeau family at my sister, Megan's wedding. I will get to see my Uncle, Aunt and cousins that I have never met before....crazy huh!
Well Phoenix was a lot of fun with the family but I am relieved to be in sunny California!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Phoenix Phountain Pictures

Our hotel has gorgeous fountains all throughout the resort and I just had to take some pictures of the kiddos out in front of my favorite one. By the looks of the picture, you would think they actually get along.....but they don't! :)

My sweet little boy....

My precious middle child....

My lovely first born.......

After the picture taking session, Gene made it back to the hotel and was ready to hit the waterpark. He had an exciting day at the gym....the cops and fire department had to come to get a rattlesnake....YIKES!

My wonderful spouse and I enjoying the waterpark

Could her smile get any bigger!
Logan and Daddy floating on the lazy river....I took this picture as they were about to go under a bridge.
Trinity being her usual silly self.
Well today marks our last full day in Phoenix. We fly to LA tomorrow and we get to have dinner with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Sharon. I am really getting excited about seeing my family again! Even though I saw them last month, I miss them. See y'all soon!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Phoenix is Phun :)

We are enjoying Phoenix but most of all the time together as a family. Gene has been coaching but still got to spend some pool time with Logan.

The girls and I about to head to the pool.

Me and the Hubs hanging by the pool....He was up at 5:30am (7:30 Texas time).

Logan got up with him and they decided to go for a morning swim....I grabbed my camera for the picture opportunity.

I love this picture!

The view from our room. I love to just sit and listen to the water fountain. If it was a little louder it would drown out my kid's noise!

Gene taking it all in as he read the paper.
Yesterday started very early. We are still getting used to the time change. It did give Gene a chance to hang out with Logan at the pool. Later, the kids got to go to Oasis Kid's club for 3 hours. This gave us some adult time...woohoo! We felt guilty and went to get the kids after and hour and a half but they begged us to let them problem!! Gene went to go do laundry (what a great hubby) and I went to get my workout in for the day. We ended the day with pool time and it was room service for dinner. Enjoying Phoenix and Phamily time..... I know...I'm a dork. See y'all soon!
Many Blessings,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Phoenix is Phabulous

We are in Phoenix! Now traveling with the kids and a basketball team was a little hectic but things have only gotten better! Here are the girls on the plane before take-off!

Here are my goofy guys!

The hotel is absolutely fabulous. (see I know how to spell fabulous :) Here are the kids looking out from the balcony of our room.

Yesterday morning Gene had to go coach so we hit the waterpark! It is only 100 yards from our hotel room!

I'm a little concerned that he isn't having that great of a time...what do you think... haha

Gene picked us up after his games and we headed to dinner.
Me and the Hubby about to enjoy some Italian food

How beautiful is this group....
Someone didn't make it through dinner.....
Gene was up early this morning (still on Texas time). He took Logan for a morning swim and then we just dropped the kids off at "Kid's Club". They go do games, and arts and crafts with other kids staying at the hotel. Is this the best hotel ever.....I have 3 hours to myself!! See y'all later!!