Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saints Class of 2022 Matriculation

Logan is officially a student at All Saints'!!!!

Tonight, All Saints' had their first Matriculation service for the Kindergarten Class of 2022. They have never done this before so Logan is a part of school history. This is usually done in college to officially welcome new students into the particular university. It was a beautiful service and there was a nice reception that followed. All the kiddos got to sign the Matriculation book which will be kept by the school forever.

My big boy getting ready to go.....can't believe he is in Kindergarten!!!
(they had to wear their dress uniform to the service)

Yesterday we got to meet the teacher.....MRS. YATER!! Kansas and Trinity each had her and they loved her. She is also one of my friends and Gene and I feel very blessed to have her teaching yet another one of our children.

Logan found his desk and looks pretty excited!

Since school starts tomorrow, I had to pack lunches. Here is my big boys lunch....I totally cried when I put his note in his lunch box. My kids are growing up and becoming more beautiful inside and out with each day. I love watching them grow but it just feels like it is going so fast. This is the main reason why I blog. I want to look back and remember all the fun memories of their childhood. Here's to a great school year!!
Many Blessings,

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Jen S. said...

Logan is so stinkin' cute! What a cute little uniform too! The note was just so sweet.
I about croaked yesterday after we dropped Jeven off for her first day of school and got back home, because I realized I forgot to put a little note in her lunch. THAT is when I cried. I kept it together until then. How crazy am I?! Then I got to thinking, maybe notes aren't cool in middle school?!! I don't know... I just don't know :) But I do know your note was precious and I bet Logan loved it. You're so sweet!