Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

We headed down to Houston for Christmas and spent it with family.
The cousins love hanging with each other.
My 3 beautiful kiddos. I am so blessed to be their mom!
Ever since we went to Disneyland Kansas wants everything Mickey!! :)
Trinity couldn't wait to straighten her hair!!
Yes, another ball but this one he can dribble outside on the cement!
My nephew, Cody got boxing gloves and he decided to try them out on Logan's face. :) Despite this lickin Logan kept on boxing!
Me and my gorgeous girls
Nana and Papa and their grandkids.
Mom and her girls...
Me and my big sister being goofy...
My wonderful parents...I love them so much!!
Toasting to me receiving my Masters!

Kansas and Kendall. I thought this was a sweet picture. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I pray that 2012 brings you even more blessings than 2011!

Trying to Catch Up...

Trying to catch up fits this long post for sure. December has been a whirlwind for me to say the least. But I will say it has been full of blessings.
We wrapped up our FANTASTIC season with a team party at the Roberts house. I loved having my girls back together again. I miss them!! As usual we shared lots of laughs.
On December 11th I completed my Masters degree and I got to celebrate by spending almost a week in San Antonio at the AVCA convention.
I was able to attend a bunch of clinics as well as watch the semis and final match of the NCAA Women's Volleyball Championships!! It was such a cool experience and I also learned a lot from the clinics.
My hotel was right on the river walk and it was decorated so pretty for Christmas.
The semis.....Illiniois upset USC.
UCLA beat Illinois to win the title!! I am thankful for the trip that gave me some time away!!
When I returned my hubby took me on a date.......to a basketball game. :) Some things will never change! :) He was also hosting a camp so we let the kids have some friends spend the night so they could attend the basketball clinic with them.
Logan and his buddy, Trey being goofy. We ordered pizza for all the kiddos after day 1 of the camp and then took them thru Prairie Lights.
Trinity and Brooklyn...
Prairie Lights is such a beautiful display of Christmas lights.
These pictures don't do it justice! I should have done a post just with my light pictures!
Kansas, Taylor and Jacobi enjoying their pizza. I remember when these cute girls were in kindergarten!
I walked in to the kitchen the next morning and found Kansas drawing up a play on Gene's board. Can you tell she is a daughter of 2 coaches? :)
Some of the campers....
Later that day (as if we hadn't spent enough time in a gym) we went to SMU to watch Lil" Cotton (London) play basketball. Gene started training him when he was Logan's age!!

He is Kansas' Godbrother also. :) It was so great to see him play! We are proud of you London!!
Cannot believe it has been a month since my last post. Hopefully now that I am done with my Masters I will have more time. Stay tuned for my Christmas post.....