Thursday, June 30, 2011


Today we headed to Del Mar Beach with the family. The water was a cool 68 degrees so needless to say I didn't make it into the water. :)
Logan ready to find some beach babes....or sea weed. :)
My surfer girls ready to ride the waves.
I had to get a picture of them hanging together....I don't see that...EVER!!
I'm trying to work on my to catch up to my hubby. :)
Trinity saw some girls playing some beach volleyball and asked if she could join. She held her own against the teenagers. It was so cute!
Kansas and Trin with their Cousin B. :)
Me and the hubs...
After we spent some time by the water, we moved up to the grassy area to have dinner. It is the most gorgeous view!!!
This is my happy place for sure...
Every year I visit, we have dinner here and it is just amazing.
Logan and Trinity playing in the trees at the park...they are perfect for climbing.
God sure made some beautiful things. :)
These guys are on that list as well.... my family started up a little game of football after dinner. Every time Logan would catch a ball with his sisters playing defense, he would stop and wave his hand in front of his face and say, "You can't see me." I'm pretty sure he is a mess!
Love family pics...
My Auntie Liz and her beautiful girlie, Brigette.
Love these women!!
As we were packing up tonight, I snapped this picture. I know my blog has had a zillion pictures with each post but they are full of memories that have brought me a ton of joy. It has been a busy few days but full of great thankful.

Pool Party...take two

So we had another pool party at the Hedstroms and it was just as much fun as the first one! My cousin Michael (above) and his beautiful girlfriend Sarah came to see us too! I am so glad they were able to stop by and join the fun!
After the pool party....(yes I put the pictures in the wrong order AGAIN!) Cameron was trying to teach Logan how to skateboard so we all moved out front to watch.
My cousins and aunties....just adore them. We kept teasing my Aunt Gloria that she was outside in her pajama pants but she insisted that they were "lounging pants".....hmmm those must be a California thing. :)
Cam and Logan....trying to see if he could break something else! :) Flip flops are probably not the best shoes to wear when you are learning how to skateboard!
My cousin Brigette came in town to visit also....YAY!!! Here we are taking a picture with our cousin you like my dress AKA my hubby's shirt. It gets cool outside in the evening....nice huh!! Us Texans don't know what that's like in June!
The hubby about to take a dip in the pool....
My cousin and her man, Jesse. I can't wait til they get married! :)
Da boys....Uncle Chris, hubby, Cameron and Uncle Glen....we are very blessed to have some great men in our family....still missing a ton of others!
Kansas enjoying the pool...
My beautiful cousin, Brigette and her sweet boyfriend, Javier. He is a great guy and I am so glad we were able to meet him. My Cousin-B is so special and Javier just adores her. Made me very happy. :)
Me and my cousins....yes, I'm the old fart out of the bunch. I sure do love those girlies. Aren't they gorgeous!!

My Auntie Liz and her BeeBop. :) We always stay with Aunt Liz and Uncle Chris and they are so sweet to open their home to us. Having a great time as always. Today we headed to the beach and we are all tuckered out now. Looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So I saw a sign at Disneyland that said "A picture is worth a thousand words"....that pretty much sums up this post.....a ton of pictures and 1000 plus memories to match.
It should be no surprise that I posted the pictures backwards.....little sleepy from our busy day at Disneyland! The above picture is Logan posing with Lego-Woody at the Legoland store.
My kiddos in Pixie Hollow.... :)
My hubby being goofy as always...
Speaking of Goofy.....
We couldn't leave Disneyland without getting pictures with Mickey and Minnie! The kids also got autograph books so all characters could sign them.
It all started cause of a mouse....Walt Disney started Disneyland in 1955. I think it's kind of cool that my Grandpa Lee delivered his kids! :)
Another must at Disneyland is getting mouse ears. They have so many different kinds now and each of the girls picked out their favorite style and got their names put on the back.
Kansas got the Pirates of the Caribbean hat and Trinity got a pink and purple zebra striped hat. Now Logan, he got a Chipmunk hat....very suiting!
This place is so magical....brings back memories.
One of our favorite rides was the Pirates of the Caribbean...we went on it first and it was way cool!
Pictures from the ride....
My group ready to enjoy a little Jack Sparrow action...
How gorgeous is my him!
The infamous castle....
Logan and his new BFF...
Had a great time building memories.

Gene and I are very blessed to have the opportunity to take our kiddos to Disneyland. We definitely want to come out again and maybe enjoy it in 2 days. I hope my sisters and their kiddos can come along as well. We started at 9am and didn't leave until after the fireworks at 9:30pm. It was a day I will never forget....

Seaport Village Day2

So day 2 was awesome as well and this post has the pictures to prove it! We headed to Seaport Village and my cousin Kate and her girlie, Dakota joined us. Have I mentioned how much I love my family!!
The USS Midway is docked in the San Diego bay so we decided to go on the tour. It was soooo cool!!
When you get on the ship they give you headphones and you can listen to things about the ship. It is really a neat, educational experience. At the end of the tour, the kids get their Junior wings.

Of course we had to check out the gift shop. Man, look at Kansas' guns! :) I'm scared!
Outside the ship there is a statue of a sailor kissing his nurse, girlfriend. Gene and I had to duplicate the pose.....only it looks like Gene is choking me and not kissing me!
My cousin Kate and I being goofy in the plane museum.
How cute are these kiddos!!
My hubby is so proud of himself cause he was able to tie one of the many knots the sailors have to learn to tie.
Enjoying Seaport Village...
Kota and Logan....they are just adorable!
Boarding the ship...that poor place will never be the same...
Before we got on the ship Gene wanted to take pictures in front of the crab baskets....gotta love him!
I promise....I was not going to do it! :)

He said if he was going in, I was going with him! Haha

Well this post is all over the place (as most of mine are :)) but I am on vacation and don't really care! :) I think the pool is calling my name!! :)Hope all is well with everyone. Enjoying my time with family.