Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008...Family, Fun, Food & Football

We had Thanksgiving at our house this year. Millicent, Stephen and Junior couldn't make it because they just moved into their new house. We missed them but we had the most important person there.....the wonderful chef...MY MOM!!! That woman throws together the most amazing Thanksgiving Dinner for her family. Everything was so delicious as always. She never really lets us help....except for the little stuff like mashing the potatos...but that is probably because she doesn't want us to mess anything up!! I have always loved my Mom's cooking and I am so thankful for her!! I love you Mom!! After our meal, we headed outside to play some friendly, family football and the kids got their bikes out as well. The wonderful chef even had her time on two wheels!! I always love to have my family around. Jess and Tim and their boys made the trip and we all just had a blast...and ate way too much!! The house is quiet now with everyone gone...except Gracie is snoring right next to me.. :) love my bulldog. The kids and I pulled out the Christmas decorations and like we always do after Thanksgiving...we decorated the house for their favorite holiday. I can't believe it's less than a month away...geez. Thank you to all my family for a wonderful Thanksgiving...especially you are the best!! See you all at Christmas!!

A Rainy Day in Canton

Shopping Fools
Snack Time

My sisters have always wanted to go to Canton. This month it happened to be open on Thanksgiving weekend so since Jessica was in town, we braved the rain and headed to Canton to find some great deals. Since the weather was yucky, we didn't have to deal with any crowds. My good friend Rosie couldn't go and my Mom left to go back to Houston early so it was me, Jess and my girls. Despite the rain, we had a great time and came back with a cart full of deals!! When we got home, my brother-in-law, Tim finished making the fire-pit in the backyard. Our yard is a work in progress but it is slowly getting there. Thanks Tim...we love our new pit!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The First Grandchild...Cody Delos

Cody's First Deer of the Season

Cody is the first born grandchild. It is so cute to see all his little cousins look up to him. They all idolize him. He is a good sport...most of the time :) and will play with them and take them on the big 4-wheeler around the farm. I don't think he realizes what an influence he has on them. He has his love for the farm from his Papa. We are all very thankful for Papa and feel very blessed that he joined our lives over 20 years ago. It is hard to think about how our life would have been if he had not married my mom. What a brave man to marry a woman with 3 girls! :) His grandkids absolutely adore him and like their big cousin Cody, they want to follow in his foot steps. Thank you Papa for loving us all these years and thank you Cody for being such a great"Big cousin". I am very proud of you nephew. You have 5 little ones that love you a lot and want to be just like you!! Kansas drew on her pillow case "Some girls play with dolls, Real girls go hunting." - Logan has had me wash his favorite camo shirt everyday so he can wear it over and over...Trinity, my little fisher girl made up her bunk beds anticipating your arrival on Wednesday. Thank you for being such a good role model for your cousins and little brother. We love you!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Holiday Season begins....

The girls got out of school today at noon which they always due before Thanksgiving break. Wow...a whole week off...we are all so excited and looking forward to just hanging out at home. I dropped the girls off at school this morning and then took Logan to his 5 year old check up. Things were going great, 44inches tall, 45 pounds....he thought peeing in the cup was the most fun thing ever....but when I asked the nurse to give him a flu turned into the WWF. I had to pin him down on the table so the nurse could give him the shot. Not fun!! I knew there was a reason Daddy always came along. He would have this time but the girls were singing in chapel this morning so one of us had to be there. I didn't realize how strong my son is...geez. We then had to go get his finger pricked...really....ROUND #2. He was sitting on my lap and I had to wrap my legs around his and then hold his other arm down. At least I got my workout in for the day. The hearing and screening test went off with no problem and we were off to get the girls from school. We got them, said goodbye to Daddy and headed home....and next thing you know...we are at the Arlington Highlands shopping mall. How did that happen? Had to get a birthday present for Kansas' friend and Justice was having a buy one get one free sale....of course we had to check it out. We enjoyed the beautiful day and even stopped for some Cold Stone ice cream...yummy. All the Christmas decorations are up and it just makes me so excited. I just love the holiday season. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Being a Coach's Wife

My handsome honey before his game

I am a coach myself but more importantly, I'm a coach's wife. Filling this role includes many late nights, a lot of talk about stats, hours of watching game film and then hearing the play by play of the game you just watched. Gene and I definitely don't have the regular 9-5 day but not many people can say they love what they do. Gene took on the boys' team this year so he doing double duty. His girls' team is 2-2 and his boys' team is 5-0. He is the best coach, always matter how good the athlete...he treats them all the same. There have been so many stories and poems about him and letters written to him about what a difference he has made in his players' lives. So all those long hours...they are worth it. He has helped encourage so many young kids and will continue to reach many more. I am proud of you honey. Here's to a great season...with both teams!! Love~your biggest fan ;)

My New Pepper Partner

Our kids have really been into playing volleyball in Logan's room....when they are home that is. Sometimes Gracie will get in the middle of their game. They usually kick her out so I decided I would be her pepper partner. For those of you non-volleyball people..."pepper" is the warm up you do in volleyball.She is quite athletic for a big ol' fat bulldog.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My 9lb 11oz baby is 5!!

Logan as a newborn(as big as a 3mon old)

Logan at chapel- the "LOW"hawk is back

Future Golden Gloves Champ like Daddy

Sleepy Bday Boy opening gifts

It's hard to believe that it has been 5 years since I gave birth to my 9lb 11oz 22 inches long baby boy!! I will never forget when Dr. Vu told me he was going to be a boy during my sonogram....I just knew I was having another girl. Gene of course knew he was a boy. He stole my heart the minute I laid eyes on him. I'm kinda sad that he is my last baby.....ok I'm over it. :) He will always be my baby though even when he is 30. Happy Birthday Logan!!! We love you Booga Bear and I know it doesn't bother you but I'm sorry we spent your birthday in the gym. At least daddy's boys team came away with the win!! One day soon you will be out on that court tearing it up. You make Daddy and I so proud and we look forward to watching you follow the path God has set for you!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Count Your Blessings
My friend Jenny and I were discussing our blogs one day and she mentioned a blog that she started reading and if you are a mom, it will definitely get to you. It is about a man that is raising his 7 month old daughter by himself since his wife passed away 27 hours after giving birth. I know that my wonderful husband would do a great job raising our kids if I wasn't around but even so, I couldn't imagine not being there with them as they grow. This new mom, Liz never got to change a diaper or even hold her sweet just makes me think of how many things I take for granted. I absolutely love being a mom, dishes, diapers, laundry and is a great job!! If you are interested, check out Matt's blog at Make sure you click on the link "If you have never been here before..." so he can share his story. His daughter, Madeleine is absolutely adorable and he is currently helping raise money for a charity that helps neglected and abandoned children....check it out and give back if you can. Many Blessings~ amanda

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Date Night at Brooklyn Jazz Cafe

Gene and I don't get out very much. Unfortunately, the closest family we have is 4 hours away and so finding and funding a babysitter isn't easy. We live too far from school to have our basketball and volleyball players babysit but hopefully soon we will be living in Fort Worth and that won't be the case anymore. When we do get to go out, we love to go to Brooklyn Jazz Cafe. The atmosphere is great and the music is fantastic. We like to dance and it is a perfect place for that. It is located in Dallas so if you live in the area, and you like Jazz, you have got to check it out.

Great Weekend for the Saints!!

DIV.II SPC 3rd Place
Senior Night 2008

We had our fall SPC Tournament this past weekend and we were the hosts. It is a lot of work to host but our campus is beautiful and we love to show everyone our awesome school. Our teams finished very well. The football team captured the Division II Championship by defeating Trinity Valley in the last seconds of the game. We let the entire student body on the track during the end of the 4th quarter. It was pretty cool when the kids rushed the field when we won!!! I am goint to try and track down a picture so I can post it. Our field hockey team lost a close one in the DII finals but ended with a respectable 2nd place finish. My young squad played their hearts out and beat Episcopal of Houston in 5 games and after losing a heartbreaker to Holland Hall, they came out on fire and beat St. Andrew of Austin to earn 3rd place. The best finish in 5 years. I am so proud of all my girls. We will miss our 2 Seniors, Chelsea and Caitlyn.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last night Gene and I watched the election together and I couldn't help but get teary eyed when President Elect Barack Obama walked out with his beautiful Family!! I thought about my children who are also bi-racial and what this means for their future and the future of ALL Americans. I will continue to pray for our country, the leaders of this country and of course, the people of this country. Here is an exerpt of the devotional today...

The truth is—the Lord holds sovereign sway over the currents of history. These are troubling times, but we have a powerful and precious Savior. It's enough for us to leave the future in His hands, being fully persuaded that He has the power to keep what we have committed unto Him against that day.Let's pray for our leaders, intercede for our nation and world, and trust the Jesus Christ as Lord of the future.
Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.

Corrie ten Boom

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Proud Parents!!

I know there have been many posts on my blog where I have bragged on my kids....but what can I say, they deserve it!! Gene and I have 3 great kiddos. People stop us all the time in the store or at the mall to tell us how beautiful our children are...that makes me proud but what really gets me is when I get stopped at work by teachers that tell me my kids are so well behaved and have the best manners. In the last couple of days, we have had the girls' parent-teacher conferences and Logan tested for All Saints' Kindergarten for the fall of 2009. In each situation, we were given a ton of compliments on our 3 blessings...they are smart, helpful, hardworking, gosh, it was all I could do to not get teary eyed. God really blessed us!! Trinity, Kansas and Logan- Mommy and Daddy are so proud of each of you. You work hard everyday and you are kind to others and respectful to adults. We could not have asked for 3 better children. We love you!! (now we will talk about the sibling rivalry thing later...wink wink)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Trinity-The Dancer Kansas-The Hunter
Logan-The Motorcross Racer
The 3 Stooges!

We had a Hunter, a Dancer and a Motorcross Racer! It is really funny to see the different personalities of my kids come out. Kansas wanted to be a hunter but got frustrated when everyone at school thought she was an army girl. Trinity wanted to be a dancer....that definitely fits her! Logan dressed as a Motorcross Racer...he is ALL boy! All 3 of them had a blast at their Halloween parties at school. The girls had their usual parade around All Saints so I snapped some pictures of them with their friends and of Logan in my office before he left for school. We never have taken the kids trick-or-treating...some of you may say "party-pooper parents" but Gene and I strongly believe it is just not really a great holiday. Our kids always have plenty of candy at hand since I keep my office stocked so I don't feel they are missing out on anything. We usually take them to a fall festival but since our football team had a HUGE game we had to be there. The Saints won and we are playing in the Championship next Friday....WOOHOO!!!