Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prince Logan and the Cinderella Ball


Today was the annual Kindergarten Cinderella Ball. The boys dress as Knights or Princes and the girls dress and Princesses. When my girls were in kindergarten, they were easy. I just stuck them both in a flower girl dress that I had from when Kansas was in a wedding. I was glad to get some good use out of it...I paid $100 for the dang thing! But now that I have a "Prince" that is involved, I had to try and be creative. Logan kept asking me if he could wear what he wore to my sister's wedding. He calls it "his tux" by the way. :) I let him wear the top part and I got him baseball pants and long white socks for the bottom part of his outfit so it would look somewhat 1800's!

The Royal Court taking a walk around campus to show off their attire. No, that is not one large Kindergartner in the Knight suit, that is Pat Green! He was the MC for the event and he was too funny.

Prince Logan and his Princess....Yes, we even had a "Cinderella" attend the event. Oh yea...we're big time. :)

Logan dancing with his Princess.

Mrs. Yater's Royal Court....

After all the dancing they got to enjoy a royal feast...

Giving his momma some lovin.....

and of course he has plenty for daddy as well...

Once again the Kindergarten teachers pulled off a super cute event!! These guys will be dressing in their cap and gowns for graduation before we know it. I will be sure to pull these pictures out when that time comes.....until then, I will enjoy the time with my little Prince.

2010 All Saints' Cinderella Ball

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Favorite Blue Jay

I am so proud of my lil' Blue Jay. He works so hard at baseball or whatever sport he is playing at the time. He always wants to practice and get better. As a parent and a coach, that is something you hope your child/athlete has....a great work ethic. Today they beat the Red Sox and the team hit very well. During Logan's last at-bat, he hit it high and all the way to the fence!!! It was an AWESOME hit! He came up to me after the game and said "hey mom, did you see that hit" and pointed to the fence. Soooo cute!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


How clever is this! No, I was not asked to prom....I mean I was in the 90's...but anyways :)...one of my boy tennis players asked one of my girl tennis players to prom this way. She drove up to practice and saw this on the fence. I thought it was very original. They are both great kids and I hope they have a lot of fun at prom....and they better behave!! ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ichiban Celebrates Undefeated Season

Last night Gene and I hosted the team party for the UNDEFEATED Ichiban basketball team. Gene fired up the grill and we served hot dogs and burgers and had a great time hanging out with friends and watching the boys and Maya (the only girl on the team :) cause mayhem. Denise and Nathan made the team these shirts...aren't they awesome!

They have their names on the back also. Thanks Nathan and Denise!!

All the kiddos played outside on the basketball goal and rode bikes until it got dark and then the fun moved inside. I hate those mini blinds we have in that room but there is a reason I have not changed them out yet. Can you tell why? :) There are 2 small basketball goals on either side of the room and there are some intense games of basketball that go on in there. My new window treatments wouldn't stand a chance! :)

The CAKE BOSS...aka Deborah and her handy assistant, Megan went to work again and made a cool basketball cake. It even tasted better than it looked....soooo yummy!

I am so proud of the Ichiban players and coaches for the great season. They actually taught the kids the game of basketball and the winning just came along with knowing the fundamentals. Most of these boys have transitioned right into playing baseball for Coach John and the Blue Jays. It is really cool to have them stick together. I played sports all the way through college but what I cherish most is not my Conference ring but the memories I shared with my teammates!

Hope y'all are enjoying your spring break! Mine is coming to an end but it's been a great one so far!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthdays and BlueJays Baseball..

I had one of the best birthdays ever this year! Logan had a baseball tourney (see part 2 of this post ;)) and we spent most of the weekend at the ballpark. When I arrived on Sunday, my sweet friends had this hat for me that Logan is wearing...a bunch of balloons, cakes and a gift certificate to get a mani/pedi. They made me feel so special. I feel so very blessed to have such great people in my life. My family is in Houston and Gene's is in New Jersey but we are surrounded by friends that love us and you can't ask for more than that!
Logan hanging with me in between games....

These are the cakes that Amanda's mom, Deborah made for me. One was strawberry and vanilla and the other was chocolate and vanilla. Logan's team and the parents sang happy birthday to me and we all enjoyed this delicious cake!
After the game, we headed to a late dinner as a family. Of course I chose Mexican food...yummy!
Me and the kiddos before we headed out....

Birthday Girl with my hubby....

This special guy surprised me with a huge Edible Arrangement....holy cow it is sooooo good!

I put a bunch of it in a big ziplock bag and took it to the ballpark so the kids could munch on it in between games. I'm not sure what the number 36 is doing in my fruit....I mean I'm only 25! :) My other gift is my new motorola backflip phone. I absolutely love it and it is definitely my new toy. I have been debating about switching from the blackberry to the iphone but this android just came out and it's awesome!!!

I had a fabulous birthday and I want to thank my sweet friends for making it so special!! I love y'all!!! To my hubby and kids, I am so glad I started the day with you and ended it with you...it was perfect. MMMMWAHHHH!!!


The 2010 Blue Jays entered into the preseason tournament with high expectations and they proved why they were the #1 seed! After 4 games and a trip to the mall (I'll explain later) they earned their Tournament Champion Title!! The reason the picture is so dark is because they didn't start their final game until after 7pm. These little guys were troopers. We played the Padres(one of my favorite MLB teams) and it was tied 2-2 going into the 6th inning. The Padres scored 1 run which put the pressure on us. We brought a runner in but then had 2 outs. E was up to bat and Hayden was on 1st base. E hit it right into the hole in right field and brought Hayden around....BLUEJAYS WIN!!!!

Early in the tournament Logan got some tips from Coach Todd.

Yes, he is 6 and very intense! :) Except for when he is at the....

mall hanging with his buddy Cameron. :) I told you I would get to the mall thing later. In between games on Saturday, my friend Amanda and I took the boys to the mall to kill time. They both were walking around with their gloves in their back pocket so I had to get a picture.
The boys posing with their new hats......and the moms

posing with their new hats...Yes, I look like a dork but I was trying to be shorter so I didn't look like a GIANT next to Amanda.

I am so proud of my #4 and the Blue Jays team and coaches. We are going to have a great season!!!
BIG THANKS again to my hubby and kids, Amanda, Deborah, Camille, John and the rest of the Blue Jays for making my birthday so special!!!

Now I am going to enjoy my SPRING BREAK!!!! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trophies and Character Awards...I Couldn't Be More Proud

The girls had their team dinner at Papa's Burgers where they each received their trophy. Coach Wilson was so sweet and said something very nice about all of them. They have been going to school together since Kindergarten and it has been so much fun watching them grow up

Kansas gets so embarassed when people put her in the spotlight!

Trinity doing one of the things she does best....talking with her friends. She is also good at getting Character Awards!

This is Character Award #4 for my girlie!

She received one this morning at Chapel for volunteering to play with an opponents team when they didn't have enough players. She played the entire game with the other team and they were playing against HER INFERNO team. It was pretty funny to watch her and Kansas guard each other.
I feel like all my posts are about sports but I guess that is what you get when you visit the Watts blog! :) Logan has his first baseball tournament this weekend and it is spring break next week....can I get a FIRE UP!!!

Have a great weekend!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ichiban goes Undefeated

The Ichiban basketball team coached by none other than Gene Watts and John Smrcina ended the season undefeated and GP YMCA Champions!! Way to go boys!!! What better way to celebrate than with ICE CREAM SUNDAES!!!

Is your mouth watering yet? I had some of the boys over and we went and bought stuff to make homemade sundaes. They each picked out their topping of choice and had fun making a mess...I mean their desert! :)

This is before they had all the sugar if you can believe that! After they ate their masterpiece, they went back in the playroom to play some basketball. Did I mention they had pizza before that....ugh...makes me sick thinking about playing after eating all of that.

I look over and see that Logan has convinced his buddy Cameron to sit down under the goal so he could dunk over him. Logan has obviously been listening to too many "Glory Days" stories from his daddy..haha.

Don't worry...luckily Cameron survived the whole thing! :)

It was another busy weekend at the Watts house. I had a volleyball tournament on top of the basketball games and baseball practice and Gene had his usual basketball training. But SPRING BREAK is a week away and I am sooooo looking forward to waking up without the help of my alarm clock and getting stuff done around the house.

Have a great week!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Inferno Victories and Other Fine Tales...

I am so proud of these two girls. They had a great basketball season and it was so much fun watching them play together. During the tournament, they won 2 games in OT and finished the final game with a last second bucket by Kansas. They get their trophies on Monday where we will celebrate with the team at Papas Burgers....can I get a big YUMMY!

Go Inferno!! Now that their basketball season is complete, it is time to hear the crack of the bats....yep it's BASEBALL season!!

I love watching this little guy play. They will be the Blue Jays again this year....now hopefully the spring weather is just right around the corner! Just in time for some spring cleaning.....Gene and I have our list together of what we need to do to get the house ready to be put on the market. Man is it overwhelming!! We have the lot and have been looking at different sites for plan ideas. We really like the one below but have also seen some neat ones on my blog-friend, Brandi's site. Her and her hubby own this company and they have some great ideas!!

We will not use the dining room but make that space bigger and have it be another bedroom.

Isn't this house so pretty.....well we will spend our spring break knocking out items on our list. It will be so nice to live closer to work/school. It is bittersweet though cause I do love where we live and have good friends so close. I know it will all work out according to God's plan. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not in charge! :) Hope you all are having a great week!