Friday, November 21, 2008

The Holiday Season begins....

The girls got out of school today at noon which they always due before Thanksgiving break. Wow...a whole week off...we are all so excited and looking forward to just hanging out at home. I dropped the girls off at school this morning and then took Logan to his 5 year old check up. Things were going great, 44inches tall, 45 pounds....he thought peeing in the cup was the most fun thing ever....but when I asked the nurse to give him a flu turned into the WWF. I had to pin him down on the table so the nurse could give him the shot. Not fun!! I knew there was a reason Daddy always came along. He would have this time but the girls were singing in chapel this morning so one of us had to be there. I didn't realize how strong my son is...geez. We then had to go get his finger pricked...really....ROUND #2. He was sitting on my lap and I had to wrap my legs around his and then hold his other arm down. At least I got my workout in for the day. The hearing and screening test went off with no problem and we were off to get the girls from school. We got them, said goodbye to Daddy and headed home....and next thing you know...we are at the Arlington Highlands shopping mall. How did that happen? Had to get a birthday present for Kansas' friend and Justice was having a buy one get one free sale....of course we had to check it out. We enjoyed the beautiful day and even stopped for some Cold Stone ice cream...yummy. All the Christmas decorations are up and it just makes me so excited. I just love the holiday season. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Stephanie said...

I am laughing out loud regarding WWF! I've been there..its hilarious! Bless his heart! Glad everything went well!

Holiday Hugs!