Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Proud Parents!!

I know there have been many posts on my blog where I have bragged on my kids....but what can I say, they deserve it!! Gene and I have 3 great kiddos. People stop us all the time in the store or at the mall to tell us how beautiful our children are...that makes me proud but what really gets me is when I get stopped at work by teachers that tell me my kids are so well behaved and have the best manners. In the last couple of days, we have had the girls' parent-teacher conferences and Logan tested for All Saints' Kindergarten for the fall of 2009. In each situation, we were given a ton of compliments on our 3 blessings...they are smart, helpful, hardworking, mature...my gosh, it was all I could do to not get teary eyed. God really blessed us!! Trinity, Kansas and Logan- Mommy and Daddy are so proud of each of you. You work hard everyday and you are kind to others and respectful to adults. We could not have asked for 3 better children. We love you!! (now we will talk about the sibling rivalry thing later...wink wink)

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Stephanie said...

Amanda, your family is absolutely beautiful..inside and out! I am so lucky that we have stayed in touch(even though I wish it were more :) ) over the years. You are such a dear friend to me and I am so happy that you and Gene have found the ultimate happiness together! To many more years of being great friends! Love you and your family! xoxo Steph