Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Trinity-The Dancer Kansas-The Hunter
Logan-The Motorcross Racer
The 3 Stooges!

We had a Hunter, a Dancer and a Motorcross Racer! It is really funny to see the different personalities of my kids come out. Kansas wanted to be a hunter but got frustrated when everyone at school thought she was an army girl. Trinity wanted to be a dancer....that definitely fits her! Logan dressed as a Motorcross Racer...he is ALL boy! All 3 of them had a blast at their Halloween parties at school. The girls had their usual parade around All Saints so I snapped some pictures of them with their friends and of Logan in my office before he left for school. We never have taken the kids trick-or-treating...some of you may say "party-pooper parents" but Gene and I strongly believe it is just not really a great holiday. Our kids always have plenty of candy at hand since I keep my office stocked so I don't feel they are missing out on anything. We usually take them to a fall festival but since our football team had a HUGE game we had to be there. The Saints won and we are playing in the Championship next Friday....WOOHOO!!!

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