Saturday, March 5, 2011

Taking it all for Granted

My cousin Derek just arrived for his 15 day R&R time. He has been in Iraq over 6 months! I could not imagine all that he deals with on a day to day basis while in Iraq. Sitting with him at dinner tonight made me think about all that I take for granted each and every day. Just minutes before we got to the restaurant, I was fussing at the kids for fighting with each other. He has not seen his daughter, Jasmine in 6 months. I can't even fathom being away from my kiddos for half that time. His wife, Tiffany is a single parent when he is away. How does she do it?

My kiddos were so excited to see their great-cousin, Jasmine. They sat at the kid's table together and were so well behaved!!

How cute is she!!! I think she was pretty happy to see her daddy!! :)

The Castros....I love this picture. They look so happy!!! I cannot wait until Derek is home for good so they can have their sweet, little family back together.

Look at these two cheeseballs! :)
I am so happy we were able to see Derek, Tiffany and Jasmine. It is the greatest feeling to be around family!!!
There is so much I take for granted each day. I pray for my cousin, the other troops and their families that sacrifice each day so we can live in the wonderful country called America.
God Bless You All!!


Elizabeth said...

I am so happy you all were able to be together! I'm sure that meant so much to Derek that you and the family could be there to welcome him home. You have such a large heart and I love that you make a point to bring the kids together. That is so important!! I love you so much and am so blessed to have you as my niece!! Muah!

Anonymous said...

That's so wonderful that Derek has bonded with you all and Tiffany and Jasmine were able to visit also.
Love the pictures of Jasmine and Logan. Now if we were to throw Savannah and Jr. into the mix we would have four of them under the age of eight together. Too cute.

Aunti Vi