Friday, March 4, 2011

Logan, Some Rose Bowl Bling & a GREAT MESSAGE!

Today our school was blessed to hear a message from two men of God. They are both former football players but they didn't talk about their Rose Bowl wins and their days in the NFL, but how much their life changed the day they became Christians!

They spoke to the MS and the LS about making "good choices and listening to the right voices". They mentioned how there will be people in their life that are "dream breakers and those that are dream makers". You need to choose the right people to be around. They spoke on how much the Lord means in their life and how He is the greatest reward....the gold medals and championship rings don't even come close. :)Logan had the opportunity to come up at the end and put on a Rose Bowl, USC jersey and championship ring earned by Keith Davis.

They are part of an organization called "Just Say Yes" and were a huge hit at our school. They changed up their message to make it age appropriate and touched on bullying, making smart decisions and most importantly, living for God!
Keith even whispered to Logan about how important it is to focus on school work first before sports. :) I appreciated that one for sure! :)

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Jen S. said...

Hi Amanda!
OH MY GOSH what a wonderful time everyone must've had getting to hear these men speak.
I think that is just so wonderful and great!
I bet Logan was beyond happy to get to be a part of it! Super cool :)