Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kansas as William Penn

Introducing, William Penn....

This week the 5th graders are creating the Living History Museum. They have to research their historical figure and actually animate him or her for the school community. Kansas chose William Penn. I think it's funny that a girl named Kansas is portraying a man who founded Pennsylvania. Haha...

Her partner, Maria played the younger Penn and Kansas is the older version. Kansas painted her pretty!!! The dot on her hand is for people to "push" to make her become ALIVE as William Penn. :)

She did a great job and even had a slight, English accent when she spoke. All of the 5th graders amazed me with their knowledge on their characters. The sets were incredible also!

Yes, leave it to William Penn's mom....I mean Kansas' mom to embarrass her! :) It's one of my many duties as a faithful parent! lol

We are very proud of our girlie!!

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