Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blue Jays Baseball 2009

The Blue Jays got to play today since it finally stopped raining! Unfortunately my camera is not working properly so Gene took it in to get fixed. I was left to take pictures with my bueno! Logan did very well for his first coach-pitch game. I am very proud of him. In the picture above he is playing catcher....he also played pitcher and outfield.

He looks like he knows what he is doing doesn't he. :) I guess watching baseball on ESPN 24-7 has helped.....and having Coach John as his coach! They had a double-header against the Rangers and they won both 10-1!! Logan scored in both games but I am more proud when he plays good defense. At the end of game 2 he got a triple....hit it nice and hard down the 1st baseline.

After the game, some of us headed to Chick-fil-a. What a great day...watching my son play the sport he loves and hanging out with my friends while I do it. Another double-header tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

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