Monday, September 28, 2009

Class Pictures...

Kansas- 4th grade

Trinity- 2nd grade

Logan- Kindergarten

The kids got their school pictures back and I just had to post them again like I did last year. Kansas wants to take retakes but I think hers are fine even though she has a "sleepy smile". I am so glad they are all finally together at All Saints'. The school year is going well. We just found out that Trinity will be receiving a Character Award also! At the football game on Friday, when they played the National Anthem, she stopped playing and put her hand over her heart....she then started trying to get all the kids around her to do the same. A teacher at school saw her and told Dr. Pitre. I am so proud of my kiddos!!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures Amanda! I love my kiddos!!!! It's pretty funny, as they all have the same smile. Too cute! Hugs & Kisses! Auntie Liz

Jen S. said...

Your kids are so precious :) I think their school pictures are very nice!
WOW--another Character Award in the family....WAY TO GO! That's awesome!

Brandi said...

your kids are so cute!
When your blog came up - and the music started - Kaeden started dancing all around the living room - then grabbed my hand to dance with him!! Later, when I clicked on comments - he said, "Did you turn my music off??"
Thanks for creating that "moment" :)