Thursday, September 3, 2009

Logan's First Award

Logan has only been in Kindergarten a few weeks and he already received an award! I mentioned in an earlier post that he earned a Character Award because of how kind he was to a classmate that had broken his arm. He sat with his friend Jonathan at recess while the other kids played. We are very proud of him!

We all joined him in chapel this morning where he received the award.

Dr. Pitre, the Principal hands Logan his award in front of the entire lower school. He was quite shy....he grabbed it and walked quickly back to his seat! :)

My little stinker....
My children always get complimented on their behavior and Gene and I could not be more proud. I just wish they were that nice to each other! Sibling gotta love it!

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Jen S. said...

Logan...CONGRATS on your award! What a special, kind boy you are! Way to go :)