Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Sweet Boy is 7!!!

Lordy Lordy...look whose 7!!! :) I usually include baby pics when I do my birthday posts but this time I had too many recent ones that I wanted to the one where Logan is getting his birthday blessing. How cool is it that my kids are able to go to a school where they praise and worship EVERYDAY!!! Father Mel gives all the kids blessings on their birthday and then the entire lower school sings the birthday song to them.

After lunch, daddy and I brought Logan a cookie cake for him to share with his classmates. I was trying to get him a cool Toy Story cake that my blog friend, Chantel got for her little boy but I didn't get it together in time. I know...bad mom. I don't think Logan seemed to mind and neither did his friends. I just feel bad for their teacher.....Gene and I passed out the cake and left her with all the soon to be hyper kids!

Today we went to his flag football game. Even though he cannot play cause of his broken arm, he wanted to be there to support his team. They ended up beating a 2nd grade team 25-24!!! GO THUNDERBOLTS!!

I thought this picture was so cute of the boys on the sideline watching the action. It was nice and cold this morning...the wind was brutal!

These first grade boys are some of the sweetest kids!!

We brought goodie bags for all the boys and before they got them, they sang happy birthday to Logan. Coach French was so sweet to allow Logan to be Captain along with Luke this game even though he is sidelined with an injury. It really meant a lot to him. He even let Logan speak in a huddle to which Logan said "Let's go get'em!".

After the football game, we took Logan and his buddy Luke to Dave and Busters for some game time!! It has not been easy for Logan to be in the cast. He is such an active boy and we have been told he can't do anything bus sit around and heal. Dave and Busters was a much needed escape! On the ride there Logan told Luke, "You're lucky, you got to play in the game." :( He is such a competitor and can't wait to be back on the field.

Of course he spent most of his time at the football and basketball games. A broken arm stinks but at least it was his left one!!

Enjoying being kids....

Showing the loot that they won after turning in all their tickets!
I think birthday #7 was a success cast or no cast!! Thank you to Luke and his family for having Logan over the night before his birthday...he adores y'all!
Happy Birthday my sweet Logan. We love you Booga Bear and enjoy every moment of watching you grow!
mom and dad


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to my wonderful and sweet great nephew. Savannah and I miss you very much. Hugs, Aunti Vi from San Diego.

Jen S. said...

Happy Birthday to Logan! Looks like he had a great time (even with a broken arm!)
Hope you have a great week Amanda!