Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Little Random Update from Yours Truly

I am so proud of Kansas!!! She has worked so hard on her grades and made the "Principal's List" for the 1st term. Last year she struggled with math but was determined to do well this year!!
She has done that and more!

She was getting mad at me for taking pictures during chapel time but I waited until dismissal time...sheesh. :) I told her Jesus gets me....He totally understands. :)
The day before her awards ceremony we got to take Logan to get his cast. You would think it would be a somber event but it wasn't. He was actually excited to get it. I guess it's a "cool" thing you can show your friends.

We had to wait a long time because the doctor had to do an emergency of course my 2 guys had to goof off to kill time. :) Finally the doctor saved me from their craziness and arrived to put on his cast. When he took off the splint, Logan's arm looked like Popeye's was all swollen right below the elbow. The doctor said it was totally normal...phew. He asked what color cast Logan wanted and he went with...

Horned Frog Purple of course!!! As soon as we left the doctor's office we had to go get markers so everyone could sign it.

He looks intimidating doesn't he.....all 26 pounds of him! :)
After school today he came to my office and was so excited because SUPERFROG was on campus today and signed his cast! I wish I would have known cause you know me, I would have been there to snap a few pics!
Don't want to leave out my middle child on this post. :) Trinity made the top 11's volleyball team at TAV!! We went last night to have a team meeting and get sized for her uniform. Once she gets it, I will be sure to post a picture!! GO TRIN!!!
I am so proud of all 3 of my kiddos and feel so blessed to be their Mom! It's week 1 of being done with volleyball. I'm going to enjoy the extra time but I miss my team!!! They had a great season and I am proud of them as well. KIA KAHA!!

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