Monday, March 15, 2010

Birthdays and BlueJays Baseball..

I had one of the best birthdays ever this year! Logan had a baseball tourney (see part 2 of this post ;)) and we spent most of the weekend at the ballpark. When I arrived on Sunday, my sweet friends had this hat for me that Logan is wearing...a bunch of balloons, cakes and a gift certificate to get a mani/pedi. They made me feel so special. I feel so very blessed to have such great people in my life. My family is in Houston and Gene's is in New Jersey but we are surrounded by friends that love us and you can't ask for more than that!
Logan hanging with me in between games....

These are the cakes that Amanda's mom, Deborah made for me. One was strawberry and vanilla and the other was chocolate and vanilla. Logan's team and the parents sang happy birthday to me and we all enjoyed this delicious cake!
After the game, we headed to a late dinner as a family. Of course I chose Mexican food...yummy!
Me and the kiddos before we headed out....

Birthday Girl with my hubby....

This special guy surprised me with a huge Edible Arrangement....holy cow it is sooooo good!

I put a bunch of it in a big ziplock bag and took it to the ballpark so the kids could munch on it in between games. I'm not sure what the number 36 is doing in my fruit....I mean I'm only 25! :) My other gift is my new motorola backflip phone. I absolutely love it and it is definitely my new toy. I have been debating about switching from the blackberry to the iphone but this android just came out and it's awesome!!!

I had a fabulous birthday and I want to thank my sweet friends for making it so special!! I love y'all!!! To my hubby and kids, I am so glad I started the day with you and ended it with was perfect. MMMMWAHHHH!!!


The 2010 Blue Jays entered into the preseason tournament with high expectations and they proved why they were the #1 seed! After 4 games and a trip to the mall (I'll explain later) they earned their Tournament Champion Title!! The reason the picture is so dark is because they didn't start their final game until after 7pm. These little guys were troopers. We played the Padres(one of my favorite MLB teams) and it was tied 2-2 going into the 6th inning. The Padres scored 1 run which put the pressure on us. We brought a runner in but then had 2 outs. E was up to bat and Hayden was on 1st base. E hit it right into the hole in right field and brought Hayden around....BLUEJAYS WIN!!!!

Early in the tournament Logan got some tips from Coach Todd.

Yes, he is 6 and very intense! :) Except for when he is at the....

mall hanging with his buddy Cameron. :) I told you I would get to the mall thing later. In between games on Saturday, my friend Amanda and I took the boys to the mall to kill time. They both were walking around with their gloves in their back pocket so I had to get a picture.
The boys posing with their new hats......and the moms

posing with their new hats...Yes, I look like a dork but I was trying to be shorter so I didn't look like a GIANT next to Amanda.

I am so proud of my #4 and the Blue Jays team and coaches. We are going to have a great season!!!
BIG THANKS again to my hubby and kids, Amanda, Deborah, Camille, John and the rest of the Blue Jays for making my birthday so special!!!

Now I am going to enjoy my SPRING BREAK!!!! :)

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Anonymous said...

Amanda, it looks like you really enjoyed your special day! I'm so happy you have such wonderful friends in your life that spoil you! Those cakes were too adorable, so colorful, and then the addition of the cupcakes. Very creative. Boy, they sure know you, don't they!!! Love you sweetie!!!