Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ichiban Celebrates Undefeated Season

Last night Gene and I hosted the team party for the UNDEFEATED Ichiban basketball team. Gene fired up the grill and we served hot dogs and burgers and had a great time hanging out with friends and watching the boys and Maya (the only girl on the team :) cause mayhem. Denise and Nathan made the team these shirts...aren't they awesome!

They have their names on the back also. Thanks Nathan and Denise!!

All the kiddos played outside on the basketball goal and rode bikes until it got dark and then the fun moved inside. I hate those mini blinds we have in that room but there is a reason I have not changed them out yet. Can you tell why? :) There are 2 small basketball goals on either side of the room and there are some intense games of basketball that go on in there. My new window treatments wouldn't stand a chance! :)

The CAKE BOSS...aka Deborah and her handy assistant, Megan went to work again and made a cool basketball cake. It even tasted better than it looked....soooo yummy!

I am so proud of the Ichiban players and coaches for the great season. They actually taught the kids the game of basketball and the winning just came along with knowing the fundamentals. Most of these boys have transitioned right into playing baseball for Coach John and the Blue Jays. It is really cool to have them stick together. I played sports all the way through college but what I cherish most is not my Conference ring but the memories I shared with my teammates!

Hope y'all are enjoying your spring break! Mine is coming to an end but it's been a great one so far!

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Mrs. Chantel Harris said...

Undefeated!! That's awesome. That basketball cake was so neat!! I have a lot of updating I need to do on my blog!