Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trophies and Character Awards...I Couldn't Be More Proud

The girls had their team dinner at Papa's Burgers where they each received their trophy. Coach Wilson was so sweet and said something very nice about all of them. They have been going to school together since Kindergarten and it has been so much fun watching them grow up

Kansas gets so embarassed when people put her in the spotlight!

Trinity doing one of the things she does best....talking with her friends. She is also good at getting Character Awards!

This is Character Award #4 for my girlie!

She received one this morning at Chapel for volunteering to play with an opponents team when they didn't have enough players. She played the entire game with the other team and they were playing against HER INFERNO team. It was pretty funny to watch her and Kansas guard each other.
I feel like all my posts are about sports but I guess that is what you get when you visit the Watts blog! :) Logan has his first baseball tournament this weekend and it is spring break next week....can I get a FIRE UP!!!

Have a great weekend!!

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Jen S. said...

WOW-what amazing kids you have! Your girls must be so proud of their awards & trophies and everything... way to go!! You have such a beautiful family :)
YOU have a great weekend too!!