Thursday, July 23, 2009

Phoenix is Phabulous

We are in Phoenix! Now traveling with the kids and a basketball team was a little hectic but things have only gotten better! Here are the girls on the plane before take-off!

Here are my goofy guys!

The hotel is absolutely fabulous. (see I know how to spell fabulous :) Here are the kids looking out from the balcony of our room.

Yesterday morning Gene had to go coach so we hit the waterpark! It is only 100 yards from our hotel room!

I'm a little concerned that he isn't having that great of a time...what do you think... haha

Gene picked us up after his games and we headed to dinner.
Me and the Hubby about to enjoy some Italian food

How beautiful is this group....
Someone didn't make it through dinner.....
Gene was up early this morning (still on Texas time). He took Logan for a morning swim and then we just dropped the kids off at "Kid's Club". They go do games, and arts and crafts with other kids staying at the hotel. Is this the best hotel ever.....I have 3 hours to myself!! See y'all later!!

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