Saturday, July 25, 2009

Phoenix Phountain Pictures

Our hotel has gorgeous fountains all throughout the resort and I just had to take some pictures of the kiddos out in front of my favorite one. By the looks of the picture, you would think they actually get along.....but they don't! :)

My sweet little boy....

My precious middle child....

My lovely first born.......

After the picture taking session, Gene made it back to the hotel and was ready to hit the waterpark. He had an exciting day at the gym....the cops and fire department had to come to get a rattlesnake....YIKES!

My wonderful spouse and I enjoying the waterpark

Could her smile get any bigger!
Logan and Daddy floating on the lazy river....I took this picture as they were about to go under a bridge.
Trinity being her usual silly self.
Well today marks our last full day in Phoenix. We fly to LA tomorrow and we get to have dinner with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Sharon. I am really getting excited about seeing my family again! Even though I saw them last month, I miss them. See y'all soon!

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