Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reunited and It Feels So Good....UTA VOLLEYBALL BABY!!

This past week was just another busy week for me. It was Homecoming, Senior Night, and I had a 5 page paper due for my class. Even though I had to write my paper twice(yes it didn't save for some reason the first time) I had my UTA Volleyball Reunion to look forward to on Saturday. Knowing that I would get to see my old teammates definitely got me through all the other craziness! These beautiful women are so special to me and I love getting together and rehashing our good ol' college days! GO HOME SMELLY! :)
We all met at Texas Hall where we played so many matches back in the day. It's the infamous court on a stage.
Tina actually still has a pair of socks that were issued to us back in college....good times! :) The gorgeous lady sitting next to her is Toni who recruited us all to UTA.
One of the neat things about the UTA reunions is we get to meet players who played before or after us.....ok mostly after us! :) Although we may not have ever played a game with them (because some were only 2 years old at the time :) we still all have a bond!
The old ladies....:) I still think we are rockin it though huh! :) Those women are wonderful wives and moms now and I am blessed to call them my dear friends.
Tina reliving her glory days....don't worry.....she usually didn't play outside of the court! :) I think that is the first time she actually hit the floor and didn't leave it sopping wet! That girlie could sweat!! :)
Me with some of my younger teammates. UTA doesn't realize how lucky they are to have such great people representing their Alumni. These girls are awesome!! Thanks to Harris (Jennifer Harris Cross) for putting this together and making us some rad, old-school CD's!!
After the game went to Grease Monkey in Arlington to watch the Rangers and catch up on some good laughs. One of our teammates, Mandy and her hubby are part-owners. The place is such a cool joint. If you are in the Arlington area you've got to check it out!
Sue came all the way from Chicago to join the fun! She was my roommate in college and I just love her to pieces!
I had to get a pic of our banner from 1992. Man, that was so long ago!!
Thankfully I do NOT look like this anymore!! YUCK!!!
Mandy, Sue, Me, Toni and Tina at the Grease Monkey.

The gang enjoying some laughs and brew. We have already started planning a summer get together at Tina's place. There is nothing like catching up with old friends and laughing til you cry. I am so thankful for the friendships of these girls. I love y'all and can't wait for our next gathering!!


Jen said...

It WAS so much fun, as usual, and I really truly think that you guys have gotten more and more beautiful over the years. Seriously. I feel so lucky to have these ties with old teammates!! Awesome post Rombeau!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the get together at my place, too! I've already told Mike about it! - Tina