Monday, October 31, 2011

Athena and Pocahantas take on The Hulk

In the right corner (of the bedroom) you have the scary and intimidating never cleans his room, HULK LOGAN. Kansas was quick to point out that "your face is brown and your arms are white". :)

In the same corner of the bedroom we have the beautiful,chatty and also never cleans her room, Princess Athena.

And since this is the prettiest corner of the room....we once again have Pocahantas. She looks about 9ft tall and thankfully she does clean her room. At least one of my children inherited my cleanliness!

Despite his muscles Hulk Logan was defeated by Princess Athena (who looks like she is trying to protect her brother's jewels in this picture ;) and Pocahantas. Hope you enjoyed the Wattsamania 2011. Feel free to stop by anytime to see actual fighting between the 3. That happens on a daily basis minus the costumes!! :) Hope everyone stays safe out there on this crazy day of the year!!

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