Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Days are OVER

So it looks like the picture above just may be the last picture I take of my kids at a pumpkin patch. :( They were eager to go but once we got there they were in no mood to take cute pictures. In my defense, we have gone to Hall's Pumpkin Farm for years and I ALWAYS take pictures of them while we are there. They should just expect it and deal with it right?
This is the first picture I took when we arrived. It should have been a dead giveaway that they were in no mood to deal with me and a camera.
Please note that I have lived in Texas my entire life and I love the Rangers (who won an awesome game #2 tonight by the way) and I am a huge Mavericks fan but I don't support the Cowboys. Sorry but I am pulling for the Chargers(sporting my Grandmother's old hat :) sorry Cowboys fans. :)
I do love these 2 cowboys....and uh cowgirl. As I was taking pictures or trying to I noticed there were a ton of young moms taking pictures of their YOUNG kiddos all dressed in fall attire. It made me realize that my kids may just be getting a little too old for the pumpkin patch. BOOO
I mean look at about killed her to take this picture with me!
This boys gives a whole new meaning to Children of the Corn.... :) at least he smiled for me!
Y'all like my new ride? I done found it out yonder in the pasture. Hehe...I sound like my dad. :)It is actually one of the many cute props they have at the farm that I will no longer be using to take pictures with my kids. (insert huge sigh here)
Before we left (for our last visit ever :) the kids stopped by to visit the animals. This cute little pig we named Bacon came right over to them and plopped over so they could start rubbing his/her belly. :)

Logan could have stayed there with Bacon all day. They have a lot in common....they both like to play the mud.....stay dirty and eat. Yep...that sounds about right. Well I am thankful for all the times I was able to enjoy the pumpkin farm with my kiddos. This growing up thing really takes some getting used to! :) Happy Fall everyone and GO RANGERS!!!

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Jen S. said...

Oh boy how I can relate!!
Steve bought a pumpkin at the grocery store yesterday, and I was just saying how I missed the days of going to the pumpkin patches and doing all that fun stuff. She doesn't even like to decorate Easter eggs at Easter either...and it kills me! And for me to take a picture of Jeven anytime, anywhere these days is like pulling teeth!!!
Well, you did get some good pictues, and they sure had awesome props :)
Have a great week!