Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So Long Summer

My summer is officially over but I get to start the 2011-12 school year with a new ride...YIPEE!! We found a great deal at Bailey Auto Plaza and we are the new owners of a Ford Expedition.
Now most of you know that I would love to own a big, Chevy truck one day but I am beyond exited about my new Ford. It is the perfect size for our family and it drives just like a truck!! The day after we got it, I took it down to Houston to see my family. I had to stop off at the farm to see my dad who was there getting cattle ready to sell.
We are in a drought so some of them have to go. This one peaking around the corner got to stay though. :) GOT CUBES? :)
As soon as I drove up, they all started looking at me hoping I had some cubes for them to eat. :( Poor things...I sure hope they get some rain soon.
After the farm, we headed to get my sister, Jessica and then our final destination was my sister, Mill's house. Logan and Stephen were excited to see each other.
My sweet, Goddaughter, Kendall is walking now and she just keeps getting cuter the older she gets. I loved getting snuggle time with her.
All the grandkids but one. Of course we are missing the teenager. He had "other" things to do...hmmm.
Mom and her girls...
Nana decided she would try on Kendall's bow. Notice the lipstick mark on my sweet niece's cheek. It's hard to resist those chubby things...too cute!!
Nana and her two other granddaughters. Trinity is trying to imitate my mom's mad face. :)
Later that day, my baby sister, Megan and her boyfriend Zach joined us. It was so good to see her!!
I am so proud of the beautiful, young woman she has become.
I'm not the only one that couldn't get enough snuggle time.....Logan loves his cousin. :)

Our trip to Houston was a short one cause we wanted to make it back home to see Gene. He has been traveling with basketball and we had to be there when he arrived. Since he hadn't seen the car yet, I had my little helper help me wash it. Going down the dirt road to the farm messed up the lovely detail job the dealership did for me. :) It was worth it though to see my dad.

Well summer is over for me and my volleyball season has begun. I hope to be able to post every so often throughout my season. I am getting closer to the finish line with my Masters. Definitely looking forward to completing that!! I had a great summer of 2011 and thank God for all the blessing he bestowed upon me and my family. Hope everyone has a great 2011-12 school year!

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Jen S. said...

Looks like you guys all had some great family time...nice pictures!

Love your new ride...very nice!

Good luck with the start of a new volleyball season...I hope it goes GREAT! :)