Thursday, July 28, 2011

Girls Gone to visit the WILD

Logan got invited to go hang with one of his buddies so the girls and I went WILD or went to see the wild rather. :) We had zoo tickets from participating in the Zoo run so we headed out in the heat....just us girls!
My beautiful daughters....I love them so much!
So our first stop was the monkeys. Let's just say these two went from playing to umm...getting a little TOO CLOSE! :) Kansas saw it right away and said, "Oh my gosh mom....that is so, those primates!" :) Trinity was looking the other way and thankfully won't be scarred for life like Kansas ....LOL.
My sweet Trinity.....we got to the zoo early so it wasn't too hot right away thank goodness.
I loved the white tiger. It is so pretty!! It just kept pacing in front of the window which made
the girls a tad bit nervous. :)
Trinity putting forth her best flamingo stance.
Kansas in front of her favorite exhibit.
I felt so bad for this poor has got to be hard to swim around with that thing on the end of your nose.
I really had a great time hanging with my girls today.
They actually got along the entire time. I love watching them hang together. I tell them all the time they are going to be best friends one day! :)

I loved seeing the bald eagle. Whenever I see one, it reminds me of how blessed I am to live in freedom in a wonderful country like the USA!
After almost 4 hours at the zoo, we were ready to get out of the heat and off of our feet! Thank you Kansas and Trinity for hanging with me today. I love you both very much!!

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Jen S. said...

What a fun time at the zoo!

One time when we were at the SanDiego zoo years ago, two monkeys were "busy" and Steve and I about croaked!! People were laughing and was crazy! Thankfully Jeven was really little at the time.
Again, glad you gals all had such a fun time :)