Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Sweet Little Town Called Julian

Yesterday we headed to a small town in the mountains called Julian. The drive was absolutely beautiful. Being out in the country reminded me of the great state of TEXAS!
The first thing we did when we got there was eat some lunch. The Rongbranch Diner was a little greasy but what small town diner isn't! :)
Kansas and her daddy...
Me getting some lovin from my sweet boy. You can see the old-timey gift shop in the background.
My Uncle Glen decided to lend the bear his crutches as we were walking through the town. :)
They had some really cute shops in this town but they are mostly known for their yummy apple pies!
The guys posing in front of the BIG BOY statue that is in a window of one of the local delis.
Now that is what I am talking about.....Gene bought an apple pie and I of course had to get some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.
That's no Super Target.... :) how cute is their grocery store.
I asked Logan to take a picture in front of this neat building and this is the pose he chose. He is a mess!
Of course I had to go visit the Just 2 Cowgirls shop that's in the background. They had some cute western wear.
We stopped off at the desert on our way back. It's so crazy that there is a dry desert in beautiful southern California.
After our trip to Julian, we headed back to my cousin, Kate's house so the guys could put the deep pit turkey underground. The turkey is still cooking in the deep pit as I type and it should be ready about 4pm today.
The guys with the turkey and ribs in pillow cases about to bury them. :) We are looking forward to the pool party and enjoying the yummy food today.

I had to include this picture of our morning ritual. :) Every morning when we wake up, my Aunt makes her and Gene coffee and then we all sit with our lap tops and get work done, update blogs or just check facebook.....too funny. Tomorrow I will get a picture of my Auntie in her "spot" LOL. I guess I better publish this post, remove myself from my morning ritual and get in the shower. Time for a pool party!!

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Anonymous said...

I miss everyone! I hope you guys are having a blast.

Love you tons, Aunti Vi