Thursday, June 30, 2011


Today we headed to Del Mar Beach with the family. The water was a cool 68 degrees so needless to say I didn't make it into the water. :)
Logan ready to find some beach babes....or sea weed. :)
My surfer girls ready to ride the waves.
I had to get a picture of them hanging together....I don't see that...EVER!!
I'm trying to work on my to catch up to my hubby. :)
Trinity saw some girls playing some beach volleyball and asked if she could join. She held her own against the teenagers. It was so cute!
Kansas and Trin with their Cousin B. :)
Me and the hubs...
After we spent some time by the water, we moved up to the grassy area to have dinner. It is the most gorgeous view!!!
This is my happy place for sure...
Every year I visit, we have dinner here and it is just amazing.
Logan and Trinity playing in the trees at the park...they are perfect for climbing.
God sure made some beautiful things. :)
These guys are on that list as well.... my family started up a little game of football after dinner. Every time Logan would catch a ball with his sisters playing defense, he would stop and wave his hand in front of his face and say, "You can't see me." I'm pretty sure he is a mess!
Love family pics...
My Auntie Liz and her beautiful girlie, Brigette.
Love these women!!
As we were packing up tonight, I snapped this picture. I know my blog has had a zillion pictures with each post but they are full of memories that have brought me a ton of joy. It has been a busy few days but full of great thankful.

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