Saturday, July 23, 2011

Siblings for the Summer

Seline and Issac have spent the summer with us and it was a perfect time to get some updated pictures of the siblings! :)
We don't see them very often but it didn't take long for the 5 of them to catch up.
Issac...he wasn't very interested in taking his individual portrait. :)
Logan has been beside himself to have his big brother around. :)
Seline....I remember changing her diapers as a baby and now she is almost sweet 16!
Kansas....looking like she is almost 16 as well. fashion diva. :) my booga bear. :)

Our house has been busy to say the least! It has been a wonderful summer and unfortunately it is about finished for me. My volleyball season is about to begin and that means nonstop until November. We have filmed a couple of days for the reality show. The crew is definitely our new favorite people to hang around....they are so much fun!! Of course Gene had to barbecue some ribs for them one day. Hope everyone is having a great summer!

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Jen S. said...

What a beautiful family! :)

I've been out of the blogging loop because we went back to North Dakota for a week, and got home late last night.

I just about croaked when I read the "film crew" in your newest post, so I'm going to go now to your older posts and check them out! Can't wait to hear ;) You guys obviously got picked for that show!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!