Monday, July 11, 2011

GQ Spread

During my visit to California, my Aunt Gloria gave me a GQ magazine from 1974 that featured my dad in an article! It is so funny to see how he dressed back then. He was mad about plaid! haha
The above picture is the cover.....reminds me of the movie, Anchorman!
I wonder how far he actually ran to get that one picture. :)
My mom was pregnant with me at the time they took pictures for this article. :)

The write-up above talks about his match against Billie Jean King.....pretty cool history!


Anonymous said...

I so remember the article, of course I was a little kid and even when he played Billie Jean. I remember I went to school and bragged about my brother in law.

Love you much, Aunt Vi

Jen S. said...

SUPER COOL about your Dad and GQ! Very neat! That's also neat that your Mom was pregnant with you in that photo in GQ too.