Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Surgery #2

Today was the day Logan returned to Cook Children's to get the pins out of his elbow. Since the dogs chewed up his old pillow pet, we surprised him with a dinosaur one that he could take with him in to surgery. He was excited and immediately named him Prentice. :) We had to be at the hospital bright and early and surprisingly, Logan awoke in a good mood ready to go. He did mention on the way to the hospital that he had butterflies in his stomach. I told him that is normal! He said "yea mommy, kind of like what you feel before a big game." Love that boy!
Cooks is the best hospital ever....you see about 20 different nurses and they are all so sweet. Immediately we went to a room where the Disney Channel was playing.
Next, they moved us to a big playroom and Logan got to play the Wii! They had a million games to choose from. Logan was loving it! Definitely helped him forget about the butterflies! :)
He also got to get a tattoo while he was there.... :) temporary of course. Dr. Kennedy signed his arm which is a regular procedure when you are having surgery. He is such a great doctor and so funny....he walked out with his "shower cap" on and told Logan he was in the back making donuts! lol
Unfortunately right before they took him to surgery, they gave his some medicine that didn't taste so well as you can tell from his facial expression. He kept saying "that was nasty" and then he got really sleepy. ;)
He was in surgery a little over and hour and when I got to see him in recovery, he was crying hysterically that his bandage was too tight and he wanted it off. The nurses assured me his emotional state was mostly from the antibiotics. They gave his some pain meds and he was able to relax and take a nap. My poor baby....I hated seeing him that way. I guess his face was a little to close to the pillow pet cause after I took this picture, his heart rate dropped and they gave him a little oxygen to help him.
About an hour later we got to leave the hospital and as you can tell from the picture above, he was still very sleepy....my poor guy! After I snapped this picture, he got sick and his red gatorade and popsicle was all over the concrete....yuck. I get that was with anesthesia also. :(

But of course everything gets better when you are home. After a few pretzels and some water, he went back to sleep. He will have to keep his wrap on for a week which means no swimming and only sponge baths! I am thankful that he was able to have such a great surgeon and be at such a wonderful hospital like Cooks! Thank you Lord for a successful surgery!!

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Jen S. said...

I'm so glad Logan's surgery was a success. Bet you're sure glad to have that behind you. Here's to a great summer!