Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pool Party...take two

So we had another pool party at the Hedstroms and it was just as much fun as the first one! My cousin Michael (above) and his beautiful girlfriend Sarah came to see us too! I am so glad they were able to stop by and join the fun!
After the pool party....(yes I put the pictures in the wrong order AGAIN!) Cameron was trying to teach Logan how to skateboard so we all moved out front to watch.
My cousins and aunties....just adore them. We kept teasing my Aunt Gloria that she was outside in her pajama pants but she insisted that they were "lounging pants".....hmmm those must be a California thing. :)
Cam and Logan....trying to see if he could break something else! :) Flip flops are probably not the best shoes to wear when you are learning how to skateboard!
My cousin Brigette came in town to visit also....YAY!!! Here we are taking a picture with our cousin you like my dress AKA my hubby's shirt. It gets cool outside in the evening....nice huh!! Us Texans don't know what that's like in June!
The hubby about to take a dip in the pool....
My cousin and her man, Jesse. I can't wait til they get married! :)
Da boys....Uncle Chris, hubby, Cameron and Uncle Glen....we are very blessed to have some great men in our family....still missing a ton of others!
Kansas enjoying the pool...
My beautiful cousin, Brigette and her sweet boyfriend, Javier. He is a great guy and I am so glad we were able to meet him. My Cousin-B is so special and Javier just adores her. Made me very happy. :)
Me and my cousins....yes, I'm the old fart out of the bunch. I sure do love those girlies. Aren't they gorgeous!!

My Auntie Liz and her BeeBop. :) We always stay with Aunt Liz and Uncle Chris and they are so sweet to open their home to us. Having a great time as always. Today we headed to the beach and we are all tuckered out now. Looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow.

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Jen S. said...

OH WHAT FUN! Looks like you all had a great time :) Yipeeeeeeeee!