Sunday, May 8, 2011

Farm Fun and a Graduation

This weekend we headed to Temple to watch Tiffany graduate from UMHB. We are so proud of her!! She is a single mom while my cousin, Derek is overseas and I know it was not easy to raise Jasmine, work and finish her degree. Way to go Tiff!!

Since Derek could not be there, Tiff's sister, Maddie skyped him during the ceremony. Thank goodness for technology! After the graduation, we drove to Huntsville to surprise my mom for Mother's day. We were planning on just staying for the day but that didn't happen. :)

Trinity of course went to grab a pole (that sounds kinda funny :) and started fishing right away. The poor lake is so low since there hasn't been much rain.

The kids took a hike through the woods and found this turtle carcass and Logan found a pretty lime green tree frog.

When we are at The Place, we usually just sit outside and visit while the kids fish or run around the land. There is always country music playing in the background and the music doesn't come from an ipod....nothing like an old school AM/FM radio!

Millicent and her family joined us at the farm also. We got a kick out of the 2 new baby calves that were born at Easter. They are so tiny!! They just kept staring at us. Wish they would let us come up and pet them. :)

Me and the hubby on the dock as the sun goes down.

Kansas caught her 1st fish!! We let her go (the fish not Kansas :)) cause she was pregnant. I made sure to get pictures cause daddy was out helping Papa put out feed at the corner place so we had to have proof! He still hasn't caught anything out there yet!! :)

I hope it rains soon out there. It is so dry and the lake is so low. The poor cows are looking for some greener pastures! :)

One of the things the kids love to do is go out on the 4 wheelers! The girls went out with daddy and they drove him through every fresh pile of maneur there was out there!! :) I shouldve known not to laugh cause Logan got me the next day!!

I love going out to the country but it is nice to be home. Summer is right around the corner and I am soooo looking forward to heading to California!!

Hope all the moms out there had a wonderful Mother's deserve it!!! Have a great week and GO MAVERICKS!!! :)

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Jen S. said...

Looks like you all had a great time out in the country! How fun!