Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Artist

So Kansas is not only an athlete but an artist as well! Her art teacher made this Japanese house out of cardboard boxes and let her have it when he was done with it. She got some paint and started painting animals on it as well as Japanese symbols. Man...I sure hope she didn't spell something inappropriate. Haha

She painted all this herself just by looking at a picture, no tracing!! I am not sure where she gets her artistic ability. :)

These animals in her room were her inspiration. She is so shy so and doesn't like to get any attention. :) So when I was taking pictures of her art, she acted like it was no big deal.

Her panda was the first one she did. So great for an amateur!

I am just blown away!! So proud of her!!

I am glad she enjoys art! I look forward to seeing what else my beautiful daughter creates. Way to go Kansas!

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Mrs. Chantel Harris said...

Wow! Her painting is amazing!