Sunday, February 27, 2011

Watts' Happenings.....

I have missed blogging about my beautiful family but the last 2 weeks have been jam packed with busy busy and more busy!! :) Thankfully we got to enjoy movie night with the kiddos to get our weekend started. We watched Mega Mind and had a ton of snacks...which I'm pretty sure I sampled them all!!
During the week we had the opportunity to watch not 1 but 2 plays that were being put on by students of All Saints'. The Sound of Music was done by Logan's class.

I love watching him play sports but it was so adorable to watch him and his classmates sing and act out to one of my favorite shows of all time!

I was cracking up when they put that jacket on looked like a pimp-daddy jacket!

The 2nd play we got to see was "Once Upon a Matress" which was done by our upper school students. They did a GREAT job!!! Logan's favorite person in the play was none other than JT, his daddy's 6'6" forward that is going to play for the Raiders of Texas Tech next year!
Well it is no surprise that the remainder of the weekend has been spent in the gym. Kansas and Trinity had a basketball tournament in the morning yesterday and Trinity had volleyball all afternoon. We even got to stop by in between their stuff to cheer on Logan's basketball team. He really misses not being able to play. :( Tomorrow we take him to the doctor to see if he is ready to start rehab! Today we go back for round 2! :)
Tennis season has started for me and I am actually at the half way point for my Masters!!! Woohoo!! We are looking forward to spring break which is right around the corner and Easter which is my favorite holiday! Hope everyone has a great spring!!

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Jen S. said...

Hi Amanda!
Sounds like you guys have sure been busy! I would've loved seeing those plays. Aren't they just the best?!!
Glad to hear you are all doing well!