Saturday, February 5, 2011

Super Bowl Festivities

This weekend the DFW is hosting the Super Bowl. I'm glad the weather finally cleared up so we could welcome all the football fans like us TEXANS know how! :) The Steelers are staying in Fort Worth and the Packers are staying at the hotel pictured, in Dallas.
Since the sun finally showed up and made the roads bearable, we decided we would venture out to watch the NFL charity basketball game that was being played at SMU.

My camera is doing some crazy things...not sure what is going on with this picture but I had to post it because I hardly ever get one with all of us together. :)

Before the charity game, we were able to watch the SMU Men's basketball team scrimmage. London, or Little Cotton as we call him is on the team and Gene trained him when he was Logan's age. I remember him coming to the gym as a little boy and Gene would put him through some tough drills. He is a great player and has a bright future. We are proud of you Lil' Cotton!

Logan reminds me a lot of Lil' Cotton...they both have such a HUGE passion for the game of basketball. Logan was thrilled when he joined us for dinner. It was really nice to visit with him.

Before dinner we watched the NFL celebrity basketball games. Above TO is complaining about not getting the ball. :) He actually had a valid argument...this time. One guy on his team was a total ball hog!! :) (again...sorry for the blurry pictures)

And the tip off....there were a lot of Cowboys football players in the game along with Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather. Those two were so small compared to all the other guys. It cracked me up to see all the "groupies" walking around like they should be at the club....take your sunglasses off're inside!! :)

Chris Brown (in black) and Floyd Mayweather (in red) conversing before the game.
We didn't stay for the entire game because it was not all that exciting and we were hungry! :) It was nice to get out of the house and see Little Cotton. On the way home, we saw the Packers being escorted in their buses to the hotel. Tomorrow is the big game and we are headed to a Super Bowl party at a friend's house. Looking forward to some great food, fellow shipping with friends and some Football! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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Along A Widowed Road said...

You mean my "nephew" Gene is smiling in the picture...LOL.

Great pictures Amanda.

Love you guys,
Aunti Vi